Alex Caruso
Garrett Ellwood/Getty Images

That’s right, I’m tired of the Alex Caruso hype. Therefore, I’m officially calling out Alex Caruso. If you’re going to get all the media hype because you’re balding, then you need to be a key reason the Lakers win the Finals. After Lebron and Anthony Davis, Kyle Kuzma is your only competition.

Alex Caruso Stats

Caruso may only play 18 minutes a game, but his stats aren’t even good in that much time. He averages 5.4 PPG on 42.3% shooting, 1.8 APG, and 1.9 RPG. Don’t worry, I’ll do some math for you. In about 6 minutes, Caruso will get 2 points. In about 10 minutes, he’ll get you 1 rebound AND 1 assist. Might as well give him Finals MVP at this point. Oh, that’s right, I don’t think the Lakers are even making the finals. Apparently, that was good enough for Nick Wright to label Lebron James and Alex Caruso as the best duo in the NBA. I couldn’t believe it. I’m absolutely appalled at how far the Caruso hype has gone. If more like when the Lakers lose, I’m blaming Lebron James of course, but I’m going to be talking mad shit about your bald savior too.

Okay, I know this QUICKLY turned into an Alex Caruso hate post. I have nothing against the guy personally, I’m just tired of people hyping him up for literally no reason. So yeah, I’m calling him out, all Laker fans, and the dumbass media that think this guy is worth talking about. He’s the Lakers X-Factor. Let’s see if he’s actually as good as y’all make him out to be. Or do we only talk about him because he’s a balding white guy in the NBA on one of the most recognizable franchises? Hm, I wonder which one it is?