Al Horford
Matt Slocum/Associated Press

I won’t lie, I thought this sign was a little expensive to my liking. BUT, I did think this was a good sign if the 76ers used Al Horford correctly. Turns out I was wrong, I’m man enough to admit it. Now the 76ers are open to the possibility of trading him in the offseason. Two things about that: 1. That is a bad sign, that is telling that the 76ers already don’t think they’ll win a championship with Horford. 2. I’m not sure what kind of deal they will be getting in return because who is going to want Al Horford after this horrific season. The 76ers did say they would trade him for shooting, but who is going to trade shooting for a declining Al Horford?

Al Horford Stats

Don’t believe me that Al Horford has been THAT bad for the 76ers? Other than using the eye test, all of his main numbers have dipped since joining the 76ers. His PPG, APG, RPG, and FG% have all gone down since Horford has signed with the 76ers. His FG% alone has gone down almost 10% since he’s joined the 76ers. YIKES. But, honestly, just watch one 76ers game, and you can see how badly he fits with the 76ers. In fact, Horford should never see the floor with Joel Embiid, I thought that was obvious. However, to Brett Brown, he is on the hot seat because he just now figured that out.

This was a mistake from the beginning. Sure, I believed it had potential defensively, but even then, the pros did not outweigh the cons. The 76ers should trade Horford the first chance they can get. Trading him away for pretty much anything would be more beneficial than letting him continue to play another minute for the 76ers. These words sound harsh, but they are absolutely true. This has been a bad fit and a bad experiment, so you just have to move on. That seems to be the moves for both parties, that is if they can move Al Horford.