Al Horford
Al Horford admits the 76ers have problems in the Locker Room. In other news the sky is blue. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

The 76ers are a dysfunctional mess and I’m not sure how everybody didn’t see this coming. Philadelphia is too big, lacks scoring, and the Joel Embiid – Ben Simmons combo doesn’t work. Nobody is a bigger problem than Al Horford who officially has the worst contract in the sport. During a recent interview at practice, Horford admitted there are things going on in the locker room.

There’s some stuff going on in our locker room and we’ll keep that internal. We all know we need to be better. We need to step it up, and it’s a great opportunity to do it tomorrow.

I get that Al Horford is a respected vet in the league but he’s the last guy that should be talking. What does Horford do well right now? On 4.3 attempts per game, Horford is shooting 32.2 percent from 3-point range. That’s WAY down from his time in Boston. He can’t jump and is averaging just 6.7 rebounds per game. Horford is slow and doesn’t move well. He’s also soft.

The downgrade from Jimmy Butler to Al Horford is the number one reason why Philadelphia is worse than a year ago. There’s no question about it. How do you build chemistry with this goofy roster? The 76ers lack scoring and spacing. How can they be competitive?

Brett Brown’s seat has to be very warm. It looks like the players totally tuned him out during games. It’s probably a better chance than not that Brown gets wacked after the season. Especially if they fail to win a playoff series and right now they’re a 6th seed. Stay tuned because maybe this prompts Elton Brand to make a major move at the deadline. I don’t know how they aren’t panicking at this point?