Andre Iguodala
After sitting out for the entire season, the Heat have acquired Andre Iguodala from the Grizzlies. Iggy also signed an extension with Miami as part of the deal. (Eric Gay/Associated Press)

After sitting out for the entire season, Andre Iguodala finally got his wish. Iggy has been traded and to a real contender. Iguodala is heading to the Miami Heat. Interestingly enough, Iguodala will also sign an extension with Miami to complete the trade.

The news was first reported by Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN:

The Grizzlies got their wish. They got something for Andre Iguodala. Credit to them for not buying him out. It motivated their players somehow in the process too. Woj later added that Justise Winslow is heading to Memphis as part of the trade. How the hell did the Grizzlies finesse that? Winslow isn’t the best shooter but he’s a real player that can score, handle the ball, and distribute. I’m stunned.

The odd part of this deal is the extension part. Are we even sure Iguodala has anything left? Iguodala, 36, averaged 5.7 points per game with the Warriors last year and really regressed on the defensive end. Now Miami wants to pay Iggy that kind of money in his age 38 season? That seems like bad business. Why not let the contract play out to see what he has left after not playing the entire first half of the season.

CJ McCollum said it perfectly:



We finally have the full details to the trade.

I changed my mind. I now hate the deal for Memphis. Why are they eating Dion Waiters for $12.6 million for next year and James Johnson for $15.8 million. Memphis loses a ton of cap space next year and swaps Jae Crowder for Justise Winslow. I like Winslow more but he’s not worth losing more than $30 million in bad contracts.