Al Horford
Al Horford isn’t happy with his role in Philadelphia and I just feel so bad for him. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

Poor, Al Horford. Poor, guy. After signing a four-year, $109 million contract with the Philadelphia 76ers in July, Al Horford is unhappy with his role on the team. God, I feel so terrible for him. What will he ever do? It was almost like he signed up exactly for the 3rd or 4th option role on the team? Looks like the grass wasn’t greener.

Al Horford opened up about how his tenure in Philly is going. He didn’t mince words:

“I still haven’t been able to find my rhythm with the team,” Horford said Monday, via Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

” … I’m out [there] for the team and doing what I can to help us. But offensively, I’m very limited with the things that I can do. So I can’t control that stuff.”

Horford ranks 4th on the team in shot attempts with 10.3 per game. That ranks behind Joel Embiid, Tobias Harris, and Josh Richardson. He should be happy he’s not behind Ben Simmons too. You don’t hear him complaining. His shot attempts are actually up compared to his two prior years in Boston. The only difference is he was the play making big in Boston. Ben Simmons is that guy for Philly.

Anything short of a title and the 76ers will consider it a failure anyway. Philly has a record of 23-12 in the East. That’s good for 6th in the standings. Philly isn’t that good in reality and the number one reason points to Al Horford. Nobody seems to know what his role is on the team. It’s almost like somebody told you that this wasn’t going to work.

Cheers to 3.5 more years, Philly. You will grow to hate Horford just like I did when he was in Boston.