Al Horford
Why can’t Al Horford rebound the basketball? It’s infuriating to watch (Maddie Meyer/Getty)

Every team has their strengths and weaknesses. The Celtics can score, shoot, play real defense, and really battle in the mud. What the Celtics can’t do is rebound the basketball. One man is to blame for those struggles, Al Horford. Nothing is more infuriating than watching Al Horford rebound the basketball.

Horford is 6-foot-10. He rebounds like a midget. Horford is averaging 6.6 rebounds per game. Totally unacceptable for a center. Jayson Tatum averages 6.2 rebounds as a wing. Marcus Morris averages 6. It’s just totally not okay for a center to rebound less than 7 boards per game. Luka Doncic is a rookie guard and averages 7.1 rebounds per game. It’s embarrassin, Al.

The issue is that it gives teams extra possessions. Unnecessary ones that force me to scream at my TV. Kinda like this one below:

I just don’t understand how he can’t rebound so many balls just like this. I understand all of the good things that Horford does for a team. He’s a real glue guy. He passes well. A very unselfish player. Horford shoots the ball really well and converts a high percentage of his attempts. BUT PLEASE stop getting bullied on the glass. It’s killing me.

Boston ranks 21st in total rebounds per game. They also rank dead last in the NBA in free throw attempts per contest. A large part of that reason is because of the lack of physicality inside and that starts with Horford. The Celtics are a very talented team but the reason why they may fall short of expectations start with Al Horford and end with Al Horford’s rebounding.

Make fun of Aron Baynes all you want. He’s one of the most important guys on the Celtics for one reason. He is tough and can actually rebound the ball. Something that the Celtics starting center either can’t do or has no interest in.