AJ Green Joe Burrow
For the first time in his life, AJ Green will enter a season without Andy Dalton. AJ Green said he’s ‘excited’ to play with Joe Burrow. (Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

For the first time in his life, AJ Green will enter a season without Andy Dalton. I’ve made the argument that Green could potentially be rejuvenated and may wind up having a great season. There was no reason for Green to play last year with the mess they had going on. However, in comes number one overall pick Joe Burrow. Could AJ Green be a new man with Joe Burrow?

AJ Green says that he’s ‘excited’ to work with Joe Burrow:

“I’m very excited about it,” Green said in a Friday conference call, via Geoff Hobson of the team website. “I was blessed to have Andy all these years. I’ve seen Joe’s body of work. I’m just happy to be healthy.”

“I know the type of player he is, and I know he’s a dog,” Green said, via Ben Baby of ESPN. “I know he’s a dog for a fact. So I’m excited to play with him. I’m just can’t wait to get out there.”

Green, 31, apparently is healthy and running routes. He’s been a full go since February. Health is the question mark here, not talent. Last year Green didn’t play at all and he only played 9 games in 2018. He’s also got $18.2 million reasons to play this year too.

I just wish Green didn’t play for the Bengals. He’s too much of a loyal guy but imagine the numbers he would have put up if he were drafted by another team. Green was drafted ahead of Julio Jones and the talent is undeniable. Green should have requested a trade a long time ago.

It also seems like Burrow is a big fan of Green too. He was vocal about Cincinnati keeping it’s star wide receiver even before he was drafted.