Kalif Raymond
(Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)

We’re back with another part of the “Who The Fuck Is That Guy” series. “Who The Fuck Is That Guy” is the final segment of every episode of the Vendetta Sports Fantasy Show on our Youtube channel. Everyone on the show gives a random player, someone no one knows about and no one will ever draft. Yet somehow, someway they will win you your fantasy league. Today we’re looking at Kalif Raymond, wide receiver for the Tennessee Titans and Alex’s pick in episode 7.

Background Information

Kalif Raymond has been in the NFL for 4 years and has spent time with multiple different teams. Raymond was signed by the Denver Broncos as an undrafted free agent in the 2016 NFL Draft. He spent time with the the New York Jets, the New York Giants and now with the Tennessee Titans. Raymond played college football at Holy Cross. He also ran a 4.34 at Harvard’s Pro Day, however he still went undrafted. Kalif Raymond has the speed and tools to succeed as a fantasy player, the opportunity is what he really needs.

Fantasy Flashes

Kalif Raymond only has 10 catches to his name, along with 182 yards and 1 touchdown. Yet he simply makes big plays, explosive plays. Week 13 of the 2019 regular season against the Indianapolis Colts is a beautiful example. In that game Raymond only had 1 catch, but it was a 40 yard bomb for a touchdown. That’s 10 points in standard leagues and 11 in PPR. For a wide receiver that’s been buried on depth chart and practice squads his whole career, that’s great. A game like that could be what you need to win your fantasy league. It should be noted that Kalif Raymond averages 18.2 yards per catch on his career.

(per NFL.com)

Fantasy Potential

Kalif Raymond has the potential to be a big play fantasy scorer. Like I previously mentioned, he averaged 18.2 yards per catch for his career. His 1 touchdown was a 40 yard bomb. Raymond’s 4.34 speed needs to be used as it provides a massive mismatch. Big plays win fantasy titles, Raymond can make those plays.

Kalif Raymond’s Path To Playing Time

Kalif Raymond’s path to playing time involves just 1 of 3 players to get hurt or get benched. Raymond is listed as the backup to A.J Brown, meaning if the number 1 wide receiver goes down Raymond is up. So if either A.J Brown, Corey Davis or Adam Humphries get hurt or get benched, Raymond will see notable playing time. Adam Humphries missed 4 games in 2019 and Corey Davis hasn’t played like the first round pick he was. Kalif Raymond has the ability to step in and make big plays.