AJ Green
Cincinnati SHOULD finally have a reliable quarterback. It might be too late. Does AJ Green have anything left heading into the 2020 season? (Frank Victores/Associated Press)

For many years, AJ Green really carried Andy Dalton and the Bengals offense. Green was the most underrated receiver in the NFL for a long period of time. There were even years where you could argue he was the best. There was always that thing in the back of your mind that made you think. MAN… imagine if he had a better quarterback than Andy Dalton.

Now we enter 2020 and Green SHOULD (but maybe not) have a better quarterback. Joe Burrow comes to Cincinnati as the number one pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. The problem is, AJ Green is likely past his prime. It’s not just that. Green hasn’t been healthy either.

Green, 31, didn’t play at all in 2019. Even in 2018, he wasn’t healthy and his normal numbers came way down. In 9 games, Green had just 46 receptions for 694 yards and 6 touchdowns. That’s not AJ Green. The guy we’re used to rips off 1,000 seasons in his sleep with bad quarterback play.

Green is a huge part of this offense and Cincinnati needs him. Hell, Joe Burrow needs him. It’s no secret that Burrow demanded the franchise to keep him this offseason. It’s fair to question if Green will be up to his old ways. Cincinnati made sure to draft Tee Higgins at the top of the 2nd round out of Clemson who has a similar frame to Green. They also have John Ross and Tyler Boyd on the roster. Boyd is actually coming off a really nice season.

So which version of AJ Green are we getting in 2020? The guy who used to be one of the best wide receivers in football OR the broken down version who can’t stay on the field? It’s something that could make or break the Bengals season. IF the healthy and dangerous version is on the field, the Bengals might actually be better than expected.