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AEW Full Gear 2022

Credit: Mark Izzo

AEW Full Gear 2022: Early Match Card Predictions, Debuts and Returns

AEW Full Gear 2022
Credit: Mark Izzo

AEW Full Gear 2022: Early Match Card Predictions, Debuts and Returns

AEW Full Gear is set to take place on Nov. 19 at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. We’re just coming off of the massive AEW All Out pay-per-view, where the biggest news hasn’t been from the actual show. AEW is trying to start a new era and get back to its roots. Following the events that transpired after the All Out media scrum, AEW is looking to make a statement with the first pay-per-view since All Out. I’m doing nine matches because that’s how much was on the card for last year’s show. A lot can happen in two months, so here are my early match card predictions for Full Gear.

Lucha Bros def. Best Friends

Lucha Bros and Best Friends are going to be seeing a lot of each other recently. They just faced off in a trios match to crown new trios champions. The trios titles were vacated after the locker room fight between the Elite and CM Punk. Death Triangle, which consists of Lucha Bros and PAC, defeated Best Friends and Orange Cassidy to become new champions. With Orange Cassidy now eyeing the All-Atlantic title, that leaves Best Friends and Lucha Bros.

It feels like both of these teams have been losing a lot this past year and both have been out of the tag team title picture for quite some time. So that’s why it was nice to see them go at it for the trio’s titles. I have Lucha Bros winning solely because they are the trio’s champions. Also, I can see them doing this match as a trios match for the titles, but I don’t think it’s likely.

Jungle Boy def. Luchasaurus

I’m going to toot my own horn by saying I saw the Luchasaurus second heel turn coming from a mile away. I’ve said it on my podcast, and I’ve predicted it in articles. So, it came as no surprise to me when it happened at All Out. Originally, I had Jungle Boy taking on Christian Cage, but Cage reportedly has a big injury. As a result of this injury, he is going to miss several months. As a result, Luchasaurus is going to try to make his mentor proud by beating Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy is one of the pillars of AEW, so he needs a big win here. He’s coming off of a tough loss at All Out, where his former best friend, Luchasaurus, turned on him. So, inevitably, Jungle Boy is looking to get some revenge on Luchasaurus.

Jungle Boy needs to win this match. After suffering the loss at All Out, he needs to start to build back his momentum. With Cage missing a lot of time, Jungle Boy is likely to move on after this match. That’s why him winning just makes more sense.

Daniel Garcia def. Chris Jericho

Daniel Garcia has been having one hell of a run as of late. He just captured the ROH Pure championship in a huge win in front of his hometown. As of writing this, Garcia is still a part of the Jericho Appreciation Society, but I don’t think it’ll be for much longer. However, I don’t think Garcia is going to join Blackpool Combat Club. His idol, Bryan Danielson, and his mentor, Chris Jericho, have been feuding. It seems as if Garcia is going to have to pick a side. But I think he won’t, instead he is going to eventually fight both Jericho and Danielson. So, I have Garcia beating his mentor, Chris Jericho at AEW Full Gear.

Garcia has been red-hot lately. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, he is the best young talent in all of professional wrestling. I’m extremely confident this match is going to happen at Full Gear. Garcia needs a huge win against someone like Chris Jericho to help further his career. A win for Garcia does wonders more than a win for Jericho in this match. That’s why I have Garcia beating Jericho.

All-Atlantic Championship Match

PAC (c) def. Orange Cassidy

These two couldn’t be more polar opposites, but that’s what makes this so intriguing. Orange Cassidy is clearly the next challenger for the All-Atlantic title. After PAC beat Kip Sabian, Cassidy came out to interrupt his interview. PAC didn’t want to give Cassidy a shot and told him to get to the back of the line. Regardless, this match is going to happen. PAC holds a singles win over Orange Cassidy which took place at AEW Revolution in 2020. PAC is looking to continue his dominance with an impressive win against Orange Cassidy.

PAC deserves to be a champion for a long time. In my opinion, he’s a top-five wrestler on the planet. Also, he’s the first AEW wrestler to hold two titles at the same time. It’s important when introducing a new title, to build prestige. You need a long, dominant run with really good feuds to do that. That’s why I think PAC will be the All-Atlantic champion for quite some time.

TBS Championship Match

Jade Cargill (c) def. Jamie Hayter

It’s no secret Jade Cargill is one of the most dominant wrestlers on the planet. She has yet to receive a loss in AEW and I don’t think she will for a while. Jamie Hayter is coming off of a data four-way match to crown an interim women’s world champion. It’s clear her relationship with Britt Baker is fracturing. So that’s why I think she is going to go out on her own. It feels like there is no one left for Cargill to face. Surprisingly, she has yet to face Hayter in AEW. I think Hayter will make a great opponent for Cargill at AEW Full Gear, but I don’t think she is going to be the one to pin her.

Jamie Hayter should be the interim AEW women’s world champion. She is extremely talented and deserves a big push. That being said, I don’t think AEW is going to have her be the one to stop Cargill. Cargill is having a dominant run, almost too dominant. It feels as if there is no one who can actually defeat her. While I would love to see Hayter hold some gold, she just doesn’t feel like the one to dethrone Cargill.

TNT Championship Match

Wardlow (c) def. Powerhouse Hobbs

Wardlow has been slowly bringing back some meaning to the once prestigious TNT title. The glory this championship once had seemed to be lost. Wardlow has been doing his best to bring it back to that status. The TNT title hasn’t been defended on a pay-per-view since All Out 2021, making it over a year since it’s been defended on a pay-per-view show. The title absolutely needs to be defended on pay-per-view and Powerhouse Hobbs is the perfect opponent. Hobbs is finally done with his business with Ricky Starks, so he’s moving on. These are two of the biggest men in AEW, and these two going to war for the TNT title will do wonders for it.

It’s hard to process that the TNT title hasn’t been defended on a pay-per-view for over a year. Wardlow needs to start defending the title on pay-per-view shows and not issuing open challenges, in what feels like every week. Having these two mountains of men beating the hell out of each other for the title will do wonders for it. I think we need a long title run so that’s why I have Wardlow winning.

AEW World Tag Team Championship Match

FTR def. Swerve in our Glory (c)

FTR has been having the best run of their lives. They’re currently the AAA, ROH, and IWGP Heavyweight tag team champions. But I don’t think they’re stopping there. I’ve complained about it numerous amounts of times, but FTR has been number one in the rankings for quite some time and hasn’t received a shot at the titles. I think that changes at AEW Full Gear. Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee are a great tag team, but I think they’re better apart. Furthermore, I think we are going to finally get Strickland turning on Lee. That’s how I think FTR is going to win the titles.

I’ve been screaming it for a while, but FTR deserves all of the gold. They should have been AEW tag team champions a while ago. It doesn’t make sense how they can be the number one ranked team and not see a shot at the titles. I think that finally changes at Full Gear and they win the titles.

Interim AEW Women’s World Championship Match

Toni Storm (c) def. Britt Baker

Toni Storm won a fatal four-way match at All Out to become interim women’s champion. Prior to becoming champion, she had her run-ins with Britt Baker. I think it’s obvious that Baker is the next challenger for the title. Storm having her first title defense against a former champion in Baker is the smart move. Furthermore, her getting a win against Baker in her first title defense will help set the tone for her run.

I think Storm is going to hold the title until Thunder Rosa is healthy for the unification match. I think we’re in store for some really good feuds and challengers for the title. Storm needs to quickly assert herself as championship material and beating a former women’s champion will do just that.

AEW World Championship Match

Bryan Danielson (c) def. Adam Cole

As of writing this, the AEW tournament of champions hasn’t concluded yet. I think Danielson is going to win to become the world champion. Also, I think Adam Cole is going to be his first challenger at AEW Full Gear. For most people, MJF might be the name that comes to mind first, but I think he is going to wait longer to challenge for the title. Cole and Danielson met once in WWE where Cole beat him to retain the NXT title. Cole is coming off an injury and this is the perfect way to throw him back into the mix. With everything that has happened this year with the AEW world title, I think it needs a long reign with a worthy champion, and Danielson is that person.

As much as I want to Cole hold a world championship, I don’t think it’s the right call. AEW needs to have a long title reign, especially with everything that has happened this year. This is a match I’m getting goosebumps for as I’m typing it. MJF seemingly isn’t going to be claiming his shot at the title antie soon, so I think Adam Cole will make a great first opponent for Bryan Danielson.




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