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AEW Dynamite Results and Review (11/2/22): Title Match Added to Full Gear

AEW Dynamite (11/2/22)
Credit: AEW

AEW Dynamite Results and Review (11/2/22): Title Match Added to Full Gear

AEW Dynamite was an interesting show. A professional wrestling legend debuted, an AEW star returned, and a man became a father to two wrestlers. This episode featured some of the biggest names in the company and the show was packed full of action. With a lot of drama going on behind the scenes, AEW must put on great shows and move forward. But with major stars missing, that is becoming harder and harder to do.

Nevertheless, there were some highs and definitely some lows. So, let’s take a look at what happened on AEW Dynamite.


Jay Lethal def. Darby Allin

Jon Moxley def. Lee Moriarty

Chris Jericho def. Colt Cabana

Orange Cassidy def. Rey Fenix & Luchasaurus

Jade Cargill def. Marina Shafir

Samoa Joe def. Brian Cage


Darby Allin vs. Jay Lethal

I enjoyed this match more than I thought I would. It started off hot with Darby Allin and Jay Lethal going at it before Lethal even made it to the ring. You could tell there was some animosity between these men, which was great. They’re trying to build this feud as two men who hate each other and this match definitely helped in achieving that. There was a pretty awesome spot in this match when Darby tried to hit a tope suicida on Satnam Singh, but he just bounced off of him.

But what happened after the match was even more interesting.

Heading into the match, Lethal and Sonjay Dutt claimed they knew someone who knew Allin’s weakness. Well, a man dressed up as Sting hit Allin from behind and helped Lethal get the win. They revealed him as Cole Carter, a member of the Factory. But moments after, Jeff Jarrett appeared and brained Allin with his guitar.

This whole segment just felt very random. Why was Carter there? How does Jarrett know Allin’s weaknesses? Why couldn’t Lethal beat Allin clean? So many questions that are yet to be answered. So overall, the match itself was pretty decent, but the segment after was just odd.

Lee Moriarty vs. Jon Moxley (c)

This match was just fine. It wasn’t anything special and Moriarty wasn’t that impressive. However, I did like the fact that Ethan Page was on commentary. I’ve been saying it for a while now that Ethan Page needs a big push in AEW.

The match was an average Jon Moxley match. There wasn’t anything that made it special or boast any cool spots.

I’ll never understand these title-eliminator matches. I’m pretty sure there has only been one time where the challenger has actually won. I really can’t think of any positives of doing them. Also, I get Moxley is a fighting champion, but I don’t think he needs to be on every single show they do. I absolutely love Moxley, but it almost feels like we’re getting too much of him.

Overall, this was an average match that didn’t amount to much on AEW Dynamite.

Renee Paquette Interviews Britt Baker and Saraya

I like the fact that Britt Baker didn’t show up to this interview. It makes sense given her character and the current storyline. I’ll never understand why they do these “interviews” and ask three questions. It just doesn’t seem like much of an interview. However, the fact that Saraya said she is going to go to one more doctor to make sure she is medically cleared is intriguing. It’s safe to assume that Baker vs. Saraya will be on for Full Gear.

Daddy Ass’s Birthday Bash

This segment was just so much fun. It was just as amazing as I thought it was going to be. The Acclaimed is clearly a crowd favorite and they need to hold the tag titles for a long time. Plus, The Acclaimed are going to be adopted by Billy Gunn which is just incredible. Everything they have done with The Acclaimed and Gunn has been gold so hopefully, they will continue forever.

ROH World Championship Match

Colt Cabana vs. Chris Jericho (c)

Heading into this match, Chris Jericho held an open challenge for any former ROH champion to step up. Well, Colt Cabana answered the call. This was another thing I predicted that was going to happen.

What makes this so amazing is the fact that Cabana was a part of CM Punk going off at the All Out press conference. Punk and Cabana are former best friends, but that’s not the case anymore. Since the altercation, it’s been reported that Punk is essentially done with AEW, and I think Cabana’s appearance on AEW Dynamite solidifies that.

The match itself was a little sloppy, but I’ll cut Cabana some slack since he hasn’t wrestled in a while. It’s going to be interesting to see what AEW does with Cabana following this.

Also, what happened after the match was almost amazing. Jericho and the rest of the Jericho Appreciation Society went to the announcer’s table and tried to attack ROH commentator Ian Riccaboni. But the Blackpool Combat Club came out to the rescue. I say this was almost amazing because I really wanted Jericho to attack Riccaboni. Plus, it seems like we might be continuing the feud between the Blackpool Combat Club and the Jericho Appreciation Society, which has been going on for months now.

All-Atlantic Championship Match

Rey Fenix vs. Luchasaurus vs. Orange Cassidy (c)

The way this match came about was strange, but it was still a solid match. AEW always puts on great trios matches, so it wasn’t a surprise that this one was good. It was interesting to see how these three would clash with their different styles of wrestling. And I think it worked out well because they had great chemistry in the ring.

Following this match, Katsuyori Shibata came out after PAC attacked Cassidy. Shibata will now wrestle Cassidy for the All-Atlantic Championship on Rampage. Also, I enjoyed how they had Jack Perry take out Luchasaurus, which shows the feud isn’t done. It’s likely they will add Luchasurus vs. Jack Perry to the Full Gear match card. Overall, this was a solid match with an intriguing segment on AEW Dynamite.

TBS Championship Match

Marina Shafir vs. Jade Cargill (c)

This was by far the worst match of the night — and it’s not because of the women wrestling in it, it was because of Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero.

As soon as the bell rang, Vickie and Nyla came out and gave a play-by-play for the match. This was simply awful and a terrible idea. It made it very difficult to pay attention to the match because they were constantly switching the camera came back and forth. The only thing I remember is Jade Cargill’s pump kick.

I’m not sure where they’re going with this storyline, but I just want it to be over. I don’t dislike Marina Shafir nearly as much as other people do. I’m not sure why she gets a lot of hate, but I don’t think she deserves it. Also, who is going to be the one to dethrone Cargill? Because there is literally no one left.

ROH Television Championship Match

Brian Cage vs. Samoa Joe (c)

If this match showed you anything, it’s that Samoa Joe needs to be on television more. I absolutely love Samoa Joe and have since he was in NXT. AEW needs to feature him more on weekly television. And I know he’s an ROH champion and that’s likely why he isn’t, but he just needs to be.

The match itself was solid. I’m higher on Brian Cage than most people and I think he shined in this match. Although the crowd was dead for this, I still enjoyed the match. It looks like we will be getting Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Wardlow at Full Gear.

Following the match, the Embassy attacked Joe and Wardlow came to the rescue. But just when he thought the coast was clear, Hobbs attacked him from behind. You don’t need to sell me on this match because it is going to be awesome.




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