Max Scherzer
Add Max Scherzer to the list of people that hates the idea of adding a pitch clock. (Brad Mills/USA TODAY Sports)

Baseball is on a mission to ruin their sport. It’s latest intuitive is to implement a pitch clock with the idea of trying to shorten games. The idea is feeble when you actually look at the evidence but baseball doesn’t care about that. They care about trying to make mistakes so that they can “fix” it with another mistake in 5 years. Max Scherzer is not happy.

The addition of a pitch clock isn’t going to shorten games and all it’s doing is pissing off its players. Nationals stud, Scherzer hates the idea of a pitch clock:

“I know as players, that’s something that MLB is trying to negotiate,” said Scherzer Via ESPN, a newly elected member of the Major League Baseball Players Association’s executive board. “I don’t think there’s negotiation here. As players, it just shouldn’t be in the game. Having a pitch clock, if you have ball-strike implications, that’s messing with the fabric of the game. There’s no clock in baseball, and there’s no clock in baseball for a reason.”

The minors has had pitch clocks since 2015. I’ve been in the AAA clubhouse. Nobody has complained about it but the concept is really just a farce. The clock resets anytime a pitcher steps off the mound. If they implement penalties, then players will really start to throw riots. If you read my earlier post, you can see that foul balls are the real thing that’s slowing games down.

Ruining baseball slowly one day at a time, signed Rob Manfred. How many players have to come out an say that they hate the pitch clock. Focus on marketing the game and getting more viewers instead of ruining a part of what makes baseball so great.

As for the Nats, boy do they have to be excited. This Nationals team is loaded.