Jason Brown
Jason Brown of ‘Last Chance U’ has resigned from coaching after he told a German Player on his team “I am your new Hitler.” (Dion Lefler/The Wichita Eagle)

One of the best shows on Netflix that you can find is ‘Last Chance U’. The series follows around Juco football programs where kids really have one last chance to turn their life around to make it back to a D1 football powerhouse. The first two seasons followed around East Mississippi Community College. The most recent season changed locations to follow Independence Community College in Kansas. Head coach Jason Brown was the star of the show but now is in some deep shit.

Brown resigned from his coaching job after he allegedly told a German player on the team that “I am your new Hitler.” Brown resignation came via Twitter:

The German player’s name is Alexandros Alexiou and posted the text message thread on social media. It’s not a surprise that Brown resigned after this. You just don’t survive something like that in 2019. Even at a community college. You can see the texts below. Brown apparently also threatened to take away Alexiou’s scholarship as well.

“410pm on field u German f—. u have 17 points toward your 25 points … u got an extra point for not hanging the lion poster as instructed I’m your new Hitler figure out your life.”

If you haven’t seen ‘Last Chance U’ I recommend that you stop what you’re doing and go watch it now. Brown is a certified lunatic. He comes from Compton and really takes the his way or the highway approach. It’s must-watch TV. The 2018 ICC season is supposed to air later this year as the Netflix series has always been one year behind. The 2017 season was aired last year as Season 3.

It remains to be seen whether Netflix will switch schools to air following this season. You just can’t go around and call yourself Hitler. Can’t do it.