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AEW Revolution 2024 Preview and Predictions

AEW Revolution 2024 Poster

AEW Revolution 2024 Poster
(Credit: AEW)

AEW Revolution 2024 Preview and Predictions

The wait is finally over. All Elite Wrestling’s first pay-per-view of 2024 is here as AEW presents Revolution from the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina. AEW have been building to this show for months, leading to it becoming one of the most anticipated shows in the company’s short history. There will be memorable moments, probably a fair bit of blood, and so many tears that the fans might be underwater by the time the show goes off the air.

There’s a lot to get through, so let’s get to it. My name is Sam Palmer from Vendetta Sports Media, and here are my predictions for AEW Revolution 2024.

The Bang Bang Scissor Gang vs. Private Party, Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett, Satnam Singh & Willie Mack

Kicking off the Zero Hour pre-show is the latest addition to the card as the combination of Bullet Club Gold, The Acclaimed, and Billy Gunn takes on the wild team of Private Party, Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett, Satnam Singh, and Willie Mack. For the BBSG, things have been fine as of late and they have been enjoying their own company, but you can just tell that things are eventually going to go south soon. For their opponents, Lethal wants to take things more seriously, while Jarrett and Singh like things the way they are. Private Party and Willie Mack are also there.

This will just be a bit of fun to get the crowd warmed up since neither team has much going for it (despite the BBSG being AEW and ROH Trios Champions), and with most of the storyline focus being on them, it would be foolish not to suspect that they would walk out with the victory.

PREDICTION: The Bang Bang Scissor Gang

Julia Hart & Skye Blue vs. Kris Statlander & Willow Nightingale

The TBS Championship scene has cooled off somewhat since the start of the year. Towards the end of 2023, all four of these women could have realistically been champion and no one would have complained. However, thanks to Hart not being fully fit to compete, AEW have had to work around the limitation and have since put the focus on the four women as tag teams.

Stat and Willow have Stokely Hathaway in their corner trying to do “the right thing” which always ends up being the wrong decision, while Hart and Blue just seem to be happy being the moody goth girls who think they’re better than everyone else. For me, this should really be a showcase of what these women can do and it could be a great match. As far as a winner is concerned, since Stat was pinned on Dynamite, I can see her getting a measure of revenge on Blue and picking up the win, despite Hathaway wanting her to cheat.

PREDICTION: Kris Statlander & Willow Nightingale

Samoa Joe {c} vs. Hangman Page vs. Swerve Strickland [Three Way Match for the AEW World Championship]

I’m writing this prediction early on as I don’t think this will be the main event. I know that might sound disappointing to some of the traditionalists out there, but there is a clear and obvious choice when it comes to what should main event Revolution 2024. However, this is a match that is certainly worthy of being in the main event spot.

Joe shocked the world when he defeated MJF at Worlds End, and has become a breath of fresh air in the main event scene. He’s already beaten Hook, and with the rankings making a return, he now has two clear challengers ahead of him; Hangman Page and Swerve Strickland. These two men have been at each other’s throats for months, but because the fans seem to be getting behind Swerve, Hangman has become more and more unhinged as the weeks go by.

The way this match should go is simple. Hangman might say he wants to be the champion, but he just wants to hurt Swerve. The two rivals will cancel each other out, and Joe will be there to pick up the pieces to retain his title.


FTR vs. Blackpool Combat Club

Jon Moxley put the tag team world on notice earlier this year when he said that if anyone is willing to step up, they will get stepped on. It’s the motto the BCC have lived by since they formed two years ago, but that didn’t stop FTR from stepping up. In the weeks that have followed, they two teams have gone to time-limit draws in the ring, and brawled ferociously outside of it, and with one eye on who comes out on top in another match later on, this is a fairly tough match to call.

I expect this match to be rather long considering neither team could get the job done in 20 minutes a few weeks ago, which then leads to who will have the better gas tank? FTR will have the home field advantage being from North Carolina, but the BCC are one of the most protected teams in the business. Both teams have history with the team I think will walk out with the AEW Tag Team Titles later on, so with that being said, I’m going to go with FTR.


Orange Cassidy {c} vs. Roderick Strong [AEW International Championship]

This bout was technically the first match announced for the pay-per-view back in January, meaning that Roderick Strong has had six weeks to plan out exactly how he’s going to beat Orange Cassidy. The champion has been beaten down by the Undisputed Kingdom on mutliple occasions, as have his Best Friends, but he doesn’t help himself by taking any and all matches that are thrown up his way. However, this for me is one of the easiest matches to call.

The Undisputed Kingdom told everyone what their goals were on the first Dynamite of the year, and in order to make them seem credible, AEW has to throw them a bone. Cassidy has done all he can with the International Championship, so much so that there are fans who might have only started watching AEW recently and only known Cassidy as the International Champion. I think it’s time to let Roddy go on a singles run of his own, and let Cassidy move on to something else. This one will see a new champion crowned.

PREDICTION: Roderick Strong

Chris Jericho vs. Wardlow vs. Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Brian Cage. vs. Lance Archer vs. Hook vs. Dante Martin vs. Magnus [All-Star Eight Man Scramble Match]

Try saying that title three times. What started life as a “Meat Madness” match between Wardlow, Hobbs, and Archer has transformed in to a big old scramble match where the winner gets a shot at the AEW World Championship later on down the line. The reason for this is simple, the original match Tony Khan wanted to book had too many people who were injured or not cleared, so he has squashed three different matches into one. Also, Chris Jericho needed a match somewhere on the card.

As fun as this match might be, this will likely be the toilet break match for people. A chance to go the bar for drinks and snacks because it’s the match that, despite having big stakes on the line, is a bit of a mess. It’s the most Frankenstein’s Monster of a bout that really has one winner. He’s the only one in the match that has made the AEW World Title a priority in recent months, and following on from the Undisputed Kingdom getting the International Title, Wardlow will win and get a shot at the big one.


Will Ospreay vs. Konosuke Takeshita

No titles, no big stakes, just a bit of family fun for Don Callis in this one. Ospreay is ready to get to work in AEW after wrapping up his obligations with New Japan Pro Wrestling and RevPro in the UK, and his first test is a big one. Takeshita has already beaten both Darby Allin and Chris Jericho in singles action this year, and has even made an appearance in the top five men’s rankings in recent weeks, so Ospreay isn’t getting in the ring with a tomato can.

This has all the capabilities of being the match of the night by a considerable margain. AEW fans know what Ospreay is capable of from his brief appearances in the past, but getting in there with Takeshita is going to be something special. While I do think there will be some sort of Don Callis involvement in this one, and while I do think he will turn on Ospreay at some point, Will’s quest to being AEW’s top guy starts here, and it starts with a win.

PREDICTION: Will Ospreay

Toni Storm {c} vs. Deonna Purrazzo [AEW Women’s Championship]

It’s a tale as old as the movies Toni Storm models herself after. Two old friends who have gone down different paths finally loop back around to each other, but have become very different people in the process. While Purrazzo has stayed mostly true to herself and the woman she was when she was close with Storm during their days in Japan and England, Storm has become “Timeless” and rules over the AEW women’s division with the authority of an Alfred Hitchcock or a Stanley Kubrick.

This, for me at least, is the best built story the AEW women’s division has seen in a LONG time. There is finally a match on the show for the women of AEW that feels like it deserves the hype its getting. The credibilty of the two women involved combined with the story has shaped this one up to be a sleeper hit for potential match of the night honors. However, when it comes to the modern era against the classic era, the classics will always win somehow, and that’s what will happen when Storm gets her hand raised at Revolution.


Christian Cage {c} vs. Daniel Garcia [AEW TNT Championship]

Who wants to talk about dead fathers? Christian Cage wants to talk about dead fathers, and he wants your father to be dead so he can talk about it to you. Cage has somehow managed to go even lower when it comes to him getting under people’s skin as he not only took Adam Copeland out of action on Dynamite, but he also wants to be Daniel Garcia’s father because his own dad was an alcoholic loser. His words not mine.

But don’t count Garcia out just yet. He’s one of the best technical wrestlers in the world who has learned from his mistakes over the past few months to get himself a championship match on pay-per-view. I would honestly love it if Garcia won because he’s really finding his groove in AEW these days, but Cage will retain in this one. However, when it comes to star-making performances on the big stage, I get the sense you might be seeing one of them from Garcia at Revolution.

PREDICTION: Christian Cage

Eddie Kingston {c} vs. Bryan Danielson [Continental Crown Championship]

My pick for match of the night and it’s actually the story I am the biggest fan of going into Revolution. Kingston beat Danielson on the way to winning the Continental Classic in December, and Danielson can’t stand that because he knows how easy it is to beat Kingston. However, Danielson knows why Kingston beat him, and also knows what version of Kingston needs to be at Revolution in order for him to have an easy win; an emotional one.

Eddie has become more focused and professional in recent months, so Bryan has gone out of his way to annoy the Mad King. He stole Bryan Keith’s thunder, he openly ignores him when it feels applicable, and he kicked Jun Akiyama, Eddie Kingston’s hero, square in the nuts on Collision. Danielson knows that if a focused Eddie shows up in Greensboro, he’ll have a tough task on his hands. But if an emotional and angry Eddie shows up, it’s game over before the bell even rings. Personally, I think Kingston has matured and will arrive focused, beat Danielson, and force the American Dragon to shake his hand after the match.

PREDICTION: Eddie Kingston

Sting & Darby Allin {c} vs. The Young Bucks [Tornado Tag Match for the AEW Tag Team Championship]

If this isn’t the main event I will be genuinely angry. Back in October, Sting revealed that he was winding down his career and that his final match would be at Revolution 2024. That seemed like a lifetime away at the time, and yet Revolution 2024 is nearly here, meaning that Sting won’t be wrestling after this Sunday.

At first, people probably thought that Sting vs. Darby Allin was the play, but they are such a good team that AEW put the Tag Team Championships on them. They will now defend them against one of the best tag teams in the world in the form of The Young Bucks, who have really played up to the fact that they are the Executive Vice-Presidents of the entire company as of late.

It’s going to be wild, it’s going to be overbooked as well in my opinion, and The Young Bucks will win. But, the moment will belong to Sting. In an arena synonymous with his career, in front of his friends and family, he will get the send off he deserves. The thought of Revolution fading to black with Sting saying goodbye has got me upset now, so imagine what it’s going to be like when it happens live.

PREDICTION: The Young Bucks

What do you think will happen at AEW Revolution 2024? Let us know in the comments section below! Don’t forget to follow myself and Vendetta Sports Media on all your favorite social media platforms.

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