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2024 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 5

2024 NFL Draft

(John Leyba-USA TODAY Sports)

2024 NFL Draft
The 2024 NFL Draft notes are out for week five of the college football season. Who stood out for better or worse? (John Leyba-USA TODAY Sports)

2024 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 5

It’s never too early to talk about the NFL Draft. The 2024 NFL Draft stock report notes are back to review the Week 5 slate in college football. We have a spicy slate of games on tap for you this week. On deck we have Louisville vs. NC State, Utah vs. Oregon State, USC vs. Colorado, Florida vs. Kentucky, Georgia vs. Auburn, Kansas vs. Texas, LSU vs. Ole Miss, Notre Dame vs. Duke, and South Carolina vs. Tennessee. Enjoy the slate and be thankful that I’m alive. You’re welcome.


This was some really bad football. This was the type of game that made me question if I’d be better off with a fork in my eye. Both of these teams suck and would get hammered by any mediocre SEC team.

NC State

They were blowing linebacker Payton Wilson during the broadcast. It was warranted. That’s all I’m going to say. He looks really good. Had a nice play in the first quarter where the QB had a wide open guy in the flat. I don’t know how Wilson got there but he batted it away and avoided a big play other linebackers wouldn’t have made. Looks athletic and can really run. Would anticipate a really solid 40 time here.

As mentioned last week, Brennan Armstrong sucks. Hopefully, I don’t need to talk about it this week. God he was awful in this game. We’re done with this topic, right? Great.


Two guys we mentioned previously dating back to Week one. Another monster performance by Jonah Elliss. Had two sacks and 2.5 TFLs in this one. He’s a big reason why this Utah defense is as good as it is.

Bit of a coming out party for the Rugby tight end Thomas Yassmin (I really mean Yasqueen). Three catches for 59 yards and a score in this one. It wasn’t just a one yarder in the red area either. Some run after the catch stuff here. You can tell the light bulb hasn’t totally come on yet. Still deer in the headlight moments but we really gotta consider that may happen eventually. I wouldn’t write him off.

Oregon State

We have to talk about this but Oregon State worked this freshman QB in Aidan Chiles. He’s a young QB with some promise and was mostly asked to do wildcat stuff but I don’t love that Oregon State feels the need to pull DJ Uiagalelei off the field. It only happened for one series but it happened.

The guy is just such a rollercoaster. I fear that he’s never going to be able to process fast enough to make it. For the most part, had a strong second half to lift the team to a win but had an ugly pick mixed in there trying to protect the lead. That can’t happen.

Wasn’t a super big factor on the ground in this one either. Still has arm talent and the high end plays he makes look very good. Overall, nice to get the win but stuck in neutral a bit on his overall stock. Maybe we should give him more credit because this Utah defense hasn’t given up more than 13 points all year. DJ made plays this defense hasn’t given up all year. Maybe that matters.

By the way, I love the running back Damien Martinez but he’s not draft eligible. Instead, I’m going to talk about another Oregon State weapon that needs more love. I’m always going to be over skeptical on the small guys. 99% of the time they fail. It is what it is. I’ll tell you what though, I like Silas Bolden.

If Tank Dell can make it, Bolden can make it. Bolden is a better player. I have no question about that. We want to talk about guys that can be a human joystick? This is it. Movement skills off the charts and can affect the game in the run or pass. Solid receiving skills with special YAC potential.

99% of players take a loss here. Bolden turns this into a gain against a very talented defense. Bolden finished the day with 53 rushing yards that can be seen below on his two only attempts. He also added 100 in the air on six grabs. He’s 150 soaking wet but he’s good, man.



Marshawn Lloyd continues to look better. It was another solid day including 84 yards and a score on 13 attempts. I’m not sure if this is real but he looks skinnier and faster than he did at South Carolina.

Caleb Williams is ridiculous. Do I really need to spend time talking about it? He’s the first pick in the draft and it’s not a discussion. The thing that so insane about him is his ability to throw off platform with velocity outside of the structure of the play. He’s a hawk with his eye level down the field making big plays. He’s as can’t miss as it gets and resembles everything about what the modern quarterback should look like.

We have to start talking about some of these weapons, in reality. USC has some receivers that we need to start paying attention to.

I think I like Mario Williams best but I’m not also convinced of that either. Brendan Rice balled out too. They’re five deep and the stud freshman Branch didn’t even play. Tahj Washington and Dorian Singer also reeled in touchdowns. They might all be NFL worthy. These next few weeks we’ll find out who the dude of the dudes is.


Bit of a stock up again for Shedeur Sanders. Not anything overwhelming but I want to remind people of something I said two weeks ago. Are we sure he declares? I actually think after watching this game that’s exactly what he should do. Deion said he’s returning anywhere so maybe it’s not even a topic.

I don’t feel any differently about Shedeur after the game. He still put up 41 points and was dealing with far less talent around him. Seeing him next year with a better cast and more than a one year of Power 5 competition would be beneficial for all parties around. If anything, I’m encouraged he made some plays with his legs because I was starting to think the overall athleticism was a bit overstated. This touchdown with his feet looks good to me. He was also under pressure constantly and had to make these plays because nothing else was open. The USC defense is way better than a year ago and putting up – points is a job well done.

Here’s something I want to talk about. This guy has heart. Second half he came out strong and the fact that this team was even competitive with USC is really impressive. Wouldn’t quit and made big throws to keep them in it. Wasn’t perfect. A few times he held onto the ball too long but his line stinks. Overall I think you have to be encouraged with what you’re seeing. He’s real and that should be obvious to everyone now. He finished the day 30/45 for 371 yards, four touchdowns, and one pick. He also added 74 yards and a score on the ground.


I got nothing. They got whipped.


I never liked Devin Leary with NC State and a year later I still don’t like him. Just so inaccurate and misses way too many throws.

Kentucky RB Ray Davis went nuts. Vandy transfer went off for 280 yards and three touchdowns on 28 carries. Passed the eyeball test. Had nice cuts, ran with power, had enough breakaway speed. Dude the guy went over 200 in the first quarter. How do we not talk about it?

I loved the juke moves. Guy was shaking dudes out of their shoes and he has size on him too (5-foot-10, 210).


Things got hairy there for Georgia. A bad quarterback loses that game. It wasn’t perfect but Carson Beck made a lot of great throws. Especially on those long third down conversations that he fed Bowers over and over again. Still threw for over 300 yards and posted over a 90 QBR. Aaron Murray loses this game if he’s in this spot. I think it’s pretty clear Beck is more than that from an NFL perspective. That’s all we’re looking for.

I love Javon Bullard. He just does everything. Plays the ball and had a sweet pass deflection in the first quarterback. He can play the box, attack the quarterback, and tackle. I don’t know what he can’t do. 5-foot-11, 195 and tough.

It was nice to see Ladd McConkey back out there. The more you watch him the more you’re convinced he can make it. If Hunter Renfrow can then why not? Just four catches in this one but it was nice to see him again.

Brock Bowers did Brock Bowers things. He made some catches in the fourth quarter that were ridiculous. Adjusted to the ball with serious hands. He’s a hammer too once he has the ball. He’s a top 5 player in the draft and I’m not sure how it’s an argument.


Not the greatest Jarquez Hunter game, but I like him. It’s tough running against this front. He’s been in this offense since day one and got carries with Tank Bigsby on the roster. Not as tanky as Tank but he runs hard and I’d anticipate a pretty good 40 here. Decent speed straight line. Shaky hands though. Not sure he’s a threat in that area which hurts him.

Jaylin Simpson notched his fourth pick of the year. At some point, it’s time to start talking about him. That’s hard to do this early in the year. He later got hurt trying to tackle Brock Bowers but he was impressive.

Not sure I loved everything I saw from Rivaldo Fairweather. He was there and made a few catches but never once said wow. It’s not like the Auburn passing attacked killed it so it’s not all his fault. Just what I see from his movement skills I’m not sure I buy he’s NFL good.

Eugene Asante hammered Carson Beck on one throw in the middle of the game. Grease lightning from linebacker. Almost snatched his soul. I’ll take this guy on my team.


No Jalon Daniels in this one. You could tell the Kansas offense missed him. They got blown out 40-14.


Did you know Quinn Ewers had wheels like that? If he can run like this we’re really cooking with peanut oil. I love everything that I’m seeing. Threw his first pick of the year in this one but was really dominant.

The feet are really coming together here. That wasn’t always the case. I thought this was the throw that really caught my eye. He’s always had sick arm talent. Now he’s starting to do stuff like this. I don’t care what anybody says. I’ll take him ahead of Drake Maye and Ewers needs to be a top five pick. You’re too low if you think otherwise.

Better put some respect on AD Mitchell. Before he just had those crazy playoff games with Georgia. Now he’s putting together big games more consistently. Went for 10 and 141 with a TD in this one. The size really stands out here. He’s a big 6-foot-4 and can move. I’m not sure how many receivers I’d take over him.


I don’t even know what to make of this game. Ole Miss won 55-49. It was like watching a Big 12 shootout except with a few standout individuals.

I have no idea who LSU’s running back is. Seems to be a different guy every week. Not even going to try to figure it out cause it doesn’t look like any stand out. They used five in this one.

Do I give Jaylen Daniels credit in this one? By now you know I don’t love him but he played well in this one. In fairness, Jaxson Dart matched him stride for stride and we know he’s not an NFL guy. I just don’t think he’s ever going to be accurate enough to really ever make it. The profile is interesting and now has a long track record of starts. He’s better than he was at Arizona State. Maybe draftable but let’s please not go crazy here.

Malik Nabers had another good game but Brian Thomas went nuclear and brought in three touchdowns. Less wiggle but pretty dangerous with the ball in the air. How much of a gap is there between the two? I haven’t quite figured it out yet. I think Nabers is in a different class but I’m also not totally convinced of that. Let’s see how the rest of the season pans out. Thomas is significantly bigger too.

Ole Miss

Another big game for receiver Tre Harris. Made some big plays with the ball in his hands. Went for eight and 153 with one score. He’s way more fluid than Jonathan Mingo was a year ago. Definitely not a freak show talent like DK or AJ Brown though. Putting his name on the map to get picked though.

Notre Dame

Number eight the linebacker is a stud.

Not sure either quarterback really faired well here. Sam Hartman led a nice comeback drive but never really took control of the game. Duke probably should have won if their kicker didn’t suck. 15/30 for 222 yards ain’t it. I’ve comped him to Derek Carr in the past. I’m not going to panic here but Hartman is an older guy and he needs to be hammering performances like this. It didn’t happen here.

Don’t care what anybody says. Audric Estime is a bum. Another turd like Chris Rodriguez. You’re insane if you think he’s an NFL back. Had one long 30 yarder on the last drive where the defense totally broke. Had 17 carries for 51 yards the rest of the game. Just no way he has the short yardage burst to where he’s going to make it. No way.


Has to be a stock down game for Riley Leonard. I think that’s a concerning game for him. His best trait is the athleticism. He’s a good athlete with a decorated basketball past. The problem is his best play is the quarterback draw. I need more than that from a quarterback.

Sometimes the same school comps are lazy but not here. Mostly because the same way Daniel Jones needs to win is the same for Leonard. If you’re asking him to go win games as a dropback passer, I don’t buy it. Not at the NFL level. Leonard averaged five yards per pass and did all of his damage on the ground. I understand that Notre Dame has a solid defense but Kyle McCord was better than him from a pure drop back game perspective last week and that’s an issue.

South Carolina

Trey Knox and Xavier Legette had at least 50 yards each. Not sure I learned anything new about Legette but it was really nice to see Knox get going in his new home. Big body tight end that I really like the way he moves in the passing game.


Bit of a downer by Joe Milton. Things just haven’t clicked like they did a year ago for Hendon Hooker. They still put up points but there were plenty of mistakes and he misses too many easy throws. One of the picks was because he trusted his arm too much. That’s going to happen with the hammer he’s got. I don’t feel overwhelmingly different but the corner needs to start being turned. I think that can still happen.

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