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2024 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 8

2024 NFL Draft

(Kyle Robertson/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK)

2024 NFL Draft
Week 8 notes are in for the 2024 NFL Draft. Which players stood out for better or worse? See all of the stock notes inside the post! (Kyle Robertson/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK)

2024 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 8

It’s week 8 already. I’m not into intro paragraphs so let’s just get right to business. The slate this week includes Penn State vs. Ohio State, UCF vs. Oklahoma, Washington State vs. Oregon, Tennessee vs. Alabama, and Duke vs. Florida State. Enjoy it.

Penn State

I don’t even know what to say about the Penn State offense. Can we backtrack on this one for just a second? Maybe?

Chop Robinson got hurt in the game. Haven’t talked about him much but he’s a really important part of that defense. Especially from a pass rush perspective. Was excited to talk about him today too and it didn’t happen, unfortunately. Regardless, let me just set the record straight. Abdul Carter is the best player on that defense and it’s not a question (not draft eligible).

Speaking of injuries, KeAndre Lambert-Smith went down too. Came back in the game but didn’t make a real impact. In fairness, the Penn State quarterback didn’t complete a pass so maybe it’s not KLS’s fault. He comes in that mold of a KJ Hamler but that’s the problem. Both tiny guys with talent but how high can you really take someone like this? This was a game Lambert-Smith had to ball out to prove he’s one of those dudes. It didn’t happen.

Can we just have a chat about Kalen King? He’s good but there isn’t a chicken dick chance in hell he’s better than the Kool-Aid man. Penn State had a defensive touchdown on a strip sack but it was called back because King was holding onto Marvin Harrison. Nobody can really cover Marv but let’s not even act like King did even a respectable job. He was a flag machine trying to cover Harrison.

Again, I like him. He’s not a bad player but I don’t see the natural length or twitch that even Joey Porter Jr. had last year. I like the fact that he can tackle and that’s probably the best thing going for him. What’s the gap between King and the other Penn State corners on the roster? It’s not much.

Ohio State

No TreVeyon Henderson again in this one. It might be time to start worrying about his durability. How many games is this guy going to miss? Running backs are replaceable and if he’s not on the field, it has to kill his value. He’s never on the field and it’s starting to be concerning.

The other backs are good too. Miyan Williams and Chip Trayanum did their job.

Kyle McCord has talent. I know it didn’t always look like it but he has something. You can see it but his pure accuracy is not there yet. He has to return to school again next year. That’s not a discussion, right? Right now he can’t play fast. Tries to rush and just not accurate. The numbers – speak for themselves.

Marvin Harrison Jr. did whatever he wanted again. Punked number four the entire game. 11 catches for 162 yards and a score. What more do you want me to say? He’s Marvin Harrison except 6-foot-4 with modern evolution. He’s as can’t miss as it gets and I still believe the best overall player regardless of position heading into the draft. In fact, I’m willing to go a step further. I think he will be the best receiver of our lifetime. That’s how good I think he is.

Good tape below that tracked all the matchups. I don’t like Brugler and it’s hilarious to suggest that it wasn’t expect to be lopsided but a good video nevertheless.

Is anybody going to pay attention to Cade Stover? No? Maybe? Four for 70 in this one. He’s just tough and can catch. You can read all my draft notes. I don’t think I’ve ever given an Ohio State tight end the stamp of approval since I’ve been doing this. Stover will get mine depending on the draft price. However, I expect it to be low since no one ever talks about him.

JT Tuimoloau just took the game over late again. I don’t care what you say. That’s a top ten pick. They don’t make guys like that. You know what he is? He’s the better version of what the Chargers just drafted Tuli Tuipulotu, who I also tried to warn you was a monster. This Ohio State defense is really good and he’s a big reason why.

Fashanu is considered a top five pick next year. Let me just get this out of the way. You’re out of your mind if you take Fashanu ahead of Tuimoloau.


I talked about him early in the season but Lee Hunter was really impressive again. Former Auburn transfer and just looks like a load at 320. Had a sack early on in the game on a stunt. Big man can change directions and move. That’s a great sign.

RJ Harvey would start at running back for Oklahoma. That much I know.


The Oklahoma running backs are so bad they make me want to vomit. How can I not talk about them? They’re so bad they’re running out a freshman that can’t catch a lick. Once again Dillon Gabriel using his legs is their best attack on the ground. That can’t be the case with this program.

Speaking of Gabriel, today was a bit of a revenge game for him. He used to attend UCF for those who don’t know. I don’t care what anybody says, he’s definitely better than Desmond Ridder. If you’re going to attach yourself to one of these goofy short lefties, give me Gabriel over whatever the hell Atlanta is trotting out right now.

He has some good qualities and might even be a legit Heisman contender. Let’s make no mistake about it. Gabriel won this game for them. Another mediocre guy would have botched this after coming down from the Texas win.

Can the guy get his flowers at some point? He’s sporting a 19-3 TD to INT ratio now. Just saying.

Washington State

I genuinely have no idea what to think of Cam Ward, but I’m not sure he’s bad. I don’t think he sucks. Doesn’t he kinda look like Jameis from a physical standpoint? Was outmanned and outgunned but he still threw for 438 yards on 9.1 yards per attempt. Not a superstar as a runner but can move. Good arm. Just think he’s really interesting. The QB class this year is so loaded that a guy like him may be viewed as way higher in any other year. Maybe something to keep in mind. For teams that are smart and take two quarterbacks this year, Ward would be one to take a flier on later. More to learn but he certainly raises your eyebrow.


I’m going to sound like a broken record but I do not care. Give me all of your Troy Franklin and Bucky Irving stock. The height, weight, speed combo for Franklin is so intriguing. Four for 79 in this one. Wasn’t hard to notice.

Bucky Irving is the one I really want to dive further into. It’s truly like Jonathan Stewart had sex with LaMichael James to create the perfect Oregon baby running back. He’s got it, man. Speed, power, and feels like a complete back. Went for 129 yards on 15 carries including two touchdowns.


It was really a tale of two halves for Joe Milton. The first half by Milton gave you hope. This Alabama defense is good and early on Milton was making strike throws down the field. We know the arm strength is there but he finally converted on some of those big throws down the field. Also, a really underrated runner that he doesn’t use that trait enough.

20 points in the first half. A goose egg after. He’s infuriating to watch.


Jalen Milroe stinks but he can throw a nice deep ball. You gotta give him that. Has enough juice to get it down the field. It is what it is.

Jase McClellan will run a good time at the 40. That much I know.

It was some of the usual suspects we have been talking about on defense. Deontee Lawson led the team in tackles. Dallas Turner had a sack and TFL. Justin Eboige kept creating problems on the D line.


It’s funny because Riley Leonard leaving the game may have done more favors than his actual on field performance. Leonard is dealing with a bum ankle and as soon as he left the game Duke blew the game and got smacked. FSU went on a 21-0 run in the 4th and the game was over.

He looks like Daniel Jones to me. I think this game was important because the ankle forced him to make throws from the pocket. 7/16 for 69 yards (nice) and a pick. That’s what you got. I said it once and I’ll say it again. Are you watching and what are your expectations? Make sure they’re in line because Daniel Jones should have gone in the 4th round. Here is your proof. Do I need to explain further?

Florida State

Not sure Trey Benson is good. All I know is two Duke running backs looked better than him. There are a billion running backs. Pretty easy to pass on Benson, at this point.

I said it once and I’ll say it again. Someone is going to have to explain this Jared Verse thing to me. There’s no shot this guy is a top 5 pick. No shot. No shot he’s better than big pecker JTT from Ohio State. What has he done? Where was he in this game?

I think I’m forming how I feel about the two receivers in my mind more and more. Johnny Wilson looks like a better Drake London. Except teams won’t be nearly as dumb and won’t take him 8th overall. The catch radius is impressive and he moves well for the tall body.

Keon Coleman might be special, special. That guy is just a total horse. Neither had crazy games but when Coleman gets the ball you drool a little. That’s a difference.

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