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2023 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 11

2023 NFL Draft
Bryce Young gets a comp in the Week 11 2023 NFL Draft stock report notes. You’re not going to like it but I think it’s true. Check out the rest of the post here. (Butch Dill / USA Today Sports)

2023 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 11

Time flies. We’re already at week 11!?! Anyway, we have a pretty okay, decent, whatever kinda slate. This week we’re rolling with LSU vs. Arkansas, Indiana vs. Ohio State, Alabama vs. Ole Miss, Louisville vs. Clemson, and TCU vs. Texas. No time to waste. Let’s go over the 2023 NFL Draft stock report notes for this week.


I don’t really know how to start this but I can’t believe we actually had someone here do a puff piece on Jayden Daniels. That guy is not an NFL quarterback. Yes, LSU won but who cares in terms of Daniels getting the credit? He really shouldn’t be getting any. This is a Brian Kelly story. Not a Jayden Daniels story.

Sorry, but you have to outgun Malik Hornsby to even have a chance to be taken seriously. Finished the day 8-15 for 86 yards and a pick. I couldn’t stop thinking about it the whole game. We legitimately had a writer here spin a puff piece about a bum. It’s incredible.

Guy can’t play. If Brian Kelly weren’t the coach I don’t want to know how terrible this thing would go. Even look at the interception. Who the hell was he throwing this ball to? You guys do get he’s basically undraftable, right?

I still can’t get over it. We literally had a writer here do a puff piece on Jayden Daniels.

I can’t. Moving on. Freshman Harold Perkins is a star. Totally won the game for LSU. I just have to move on to another game before I lose further brain cells.

Ohio State

56-14 and none of it was surprising. You knew after last week that the Buckeyes would come out firing. Five touchdowns and 297 yards later, CJ Stroud did what he normally does. Missed a few throws that make you go “is he really going to make it”. Few in the red area that simply weren’t converted. Again, it feels weird to critique a guy that dominates but who wouldn’t in this environment?

The game got out of hand quick and it got turned out because of that. However, I just want to mention again, I’m in on Miyan Williams. 15 carries for 147 yards and a score in this one. I think with Williams the thing that stands out is his speed and toughness. For a bigger back, he can move just way better than a guy like Kyren Williams for example. The fact that he’s Ohio State’s number two back is going to make him a value on draft day.


I continue to be on the side that Bryce Young is the first pick in this draft. Guy is magic and finds ways to make the right play over and over again. Didn’t think it was a game that blew anybody away but we saw the right things. 21/33 for 209 yards and three scores in this one.

I want to make a note of one thing. If you draft Bryce Young, you better know what you’re signing up for. It’s what the Dolphins signed up with when taking Tua. Again, I love Tua but you better know what you’re getting into. Your offense better feature a lot of RPO’s. It’s not a bad thing. It’s just who he is.

This is Bryce Young at his best. Quick pass game. Ball out quick. Strikes over the middle of the field. Very cerebral and feels like a point guard. It’s fascinating how similar I think Young and Tua are. I think the only real difference is I think Tua is more accurate and left handed. Young is better at improvising and making more out of less.

Now, when you’re ready… Go apologize to Tua. I got it right. You got it wrong. Sorry, not sorry. Just be prepared for when Young enters the league cause it won’t be sunshine and rainbows all the time. He’s still undersized and doesn’t have a cannon for an arm.

Think we unlocked some things about the Alabama defense. Kool-Aid man is their best secondary guy. Without question. Eli Ricks got hurt in the first play of the game and Ole Miss spent a lot of time bullying depth corners.

Seven tackles in this one for Henry To’oto’o. He’s in the right spot a lot. His instincts are underrated. What’s he going to run and what type of athlete are we looking at? That’s all we need to know here. Guy can play but just how good is he? That athletic profile will lead us down the right path when that time comes.

Byron Young was nuclear. Two sacks, two TFL’s, a pass deflection, two more hurries. I mean.. wow he was everywhere. Going to be another one of those three tech Alabama guys. I think the funniest part is the real Byron Young at Tennessee that everyone likes to blow still hasn’t had this type of performance all year. Just saying.

Jordan Battle is for sure a thumper. It’s Xavier McKinney range. Just unsure of if he’s better or worse yet.

Ole Miss

Quinshon Judkins (freshman) is the best running back in the game. Is it a knock on Zach Evans and Jahmyr Gibbs? Maybe. Odd how both got hurt in the game and Judkins went beast mode. The battle of Evans and Gibbs is one we needed but never got.

Can I just spent 30 seconds on JJ Pegues? He actually got a sack in this game against Alabama. Limited snaps but dude… this guy was a tight end not long ago. He still plays offensive snaps after getting fat. Can he be a weird Patrick Ricard but more athletic? Just saying.


I didn’t have this game on long. The Texas / TCU game turn a boring turn in the first half and went over to the UFC card. I’ll just say this. I’ll sleep fine at night turning the card in for Bryan Bresee. He’s damn good. Had a stunt move early in the game for a sack. Easy, easy mover. I can’t see how he doesn’t at least work to some degree.


Were you aware that LaDanian Tomlinson has a relative on the TCU football team? This screams good vibes. Except for Tre’Vius Hodges-Tomlinson is a corner and he looks damn good. I know nobody was going to clip this highlight so I did it myself. Click this link if you want to see it. I saw a guy that has make up speed. I saw a guy that can flip his hips. I saw a guy that makes a play for the ball. Yes, he can be on my team.

Oh, he also had this interception too. 5-foot-9, 180 corner. Looks long. Really like how he’s seeing the ball itself. I don’t know where others have him but this looks very legit.


Bijan Robinson had 12 carries for 29 yards. They literally did not move the football. It was really hard to watch. I don’t know what to think. That was a Big 12 game, right? I don’t know what I saw. Maybe a lot of people are to blame but whatever it was… that was ugly.


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