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When Are We Going To Talk About Our Pigeon Problem?

When are we going to start talking about our pigeon problem? Is anybody going to start coming up with solutions to our pigeon problem? (hkhtt hj /

When Are We Going To Talk About Our Pigeon Problem?

I promise you that the pigeon blog has been on my list of ideas to do for a long time. I was thinking about some sort of election day blog but I don’t even know where candidates stand on pigeon rights. Instead, I got a better angle. This Sunday in the Saints vs. Steelers game, there was an army of pigeons just standing in the middle of the field. If football can’t get people to start paying attention, then we’re really screwed.

The sad part is I can’t believe we keep ignoring this. Do we understand how stupid we are as a society in order to let this happen? As a man that loves history, let’s have a chat. By the end of this blog, I hope you will feel the same way I do. Hashtag disappointed.

The truth of the matter is, pigeons were domesticated with dogs or cats. Just like dogs or cats, the only difference is we set all of them free and just said “eh, let’s see what happens”. Could you imagine if as a society we decided to let all the dogs that exist out in the wild and then said screw it, not our problem now?

That’s one of many reasons why I hate humans. We’re so stupid. We always choose the wrong, lazy, and greediest option. So sad and pathetic. I’m not going to sit here and bore you with pigeon facts. They carried messages back in the day before phones, email, mail, etc existed. What I am trying to tell you is these pigeons are just running wild wrecking havoc with no regard for anything. They are not trained and do not know anything that even a normal bird would know.

They literally don’t even know how to make a nest like other birds. Go look it up. I am in no way suggesting that they are stupid birds. However, in our society, they are stupid birds that do not know how to do anything other than fight to survive.

I want you to look at your dog, cat, pet. If you don’t have one, think of someone else’s pet that you know. Now imagine how they would do if you set them free. That’s every single pigeon right now.

I don’t know what the solution is but someone that considers themselves an experiment in pigeon research needs to start coming up with solutions. Four million of them and growing in New York City. What happens in ten years? We’re just going to sit here and keep ignoring it? Is anybody going to do something about it? Hello!?!


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