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2022 NFL Scouting Combine: Defensive Line Notes

2022 NFL Scouting Combine

2022 NFL Scouting Combine
Jordan Davis is a freak! Check out the rest of the draft notes on the defensive linemen at the 2022 NFL Scouting combine! (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

2022 NFL Scouting Combine: Defensive Line Notes

The 2022 NFL Scouting Combine is on the home stretch. It looked for a minute that we were in danger of even getting a combine this year. That was before the NFL decided to cancel on their stupid bubble idea.

The third day of the combine includes the defensive line, edge rushers, and linebackers. We have some horses in the middle of the defensive line to go through. A really exciting class that should cause some havoc in the league. Let’s go through defensive line notes!

*No on field for Noah Elliss but he did run. Not sure why.


That was ridiculous. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything like it. WTF did I just see? These two guys ran faster than five of the tight ends out there. That happened.

Devonte Wyatt was crazy. I mean crazy. 1.66 ten yard time? 4.76? My god. His on field was by far the best of the group. Serious bender. Super quick feet. Best feet here. Explodes out of cuts. Really pops. Looks like a god damn tank. Good punch. Killer rip move. Crazy hips. Fast. Freak! Senior Bowl was already impressive.

What’s crazy is it somehow got overshadowed by Jordan Davis. Because somehow I just saw a 341 pound man run 4.77 with a 1.68 ten yard. That’s not supposed to happen. That’s not human…

Twitched up. Really good mover. He’s almost too tall at 6-foot-6 if that’s possible. Worry a tad about his leverage. Not an elite knee bender. Freak athlete. Insane first step. The get off is stupid good. Powerful punch. Quick feet. Bit high sometimes but still moves way better than someone should for his size.


Just don’t get what happened here. Perrion Winfrey runs this great time. 1.68 ten yard. Doesn’t do on field. What’s going on? Nik Bonitto stunk up the joint. He should have been working with the edge guys but didn’t for some reason. Way too stiff. Average feet. Did run fast. On field was worse. Pauses start and stop. Not bendy. Hitting the bags. Falling over. Just not good.

Nose Tackles:

Travis Jones had a day. Love the way he can sink his hips and open up. Good knee bend. Leverage will be there. Did fall once and balance wasn’t 100 percent. Quick feet. Damn good day. Crazy he ran 4.92.

Neil Farrell isn’t like a crazy athlete but he’s got some dancing bear in him. Good hips. Pops. Not huge lower half which is a concern. Knee bend could be better. But moves better than he should.


Don’t love this Matthew Butler. Bit high. High knees. Trying to high step. Bad eye level. Head down on drills. No technique. Stuck in the mud. Better guys out there.

Zach Carter has no place in the league. Looks like a small tweener. Not fast or quick enough to be one. High. Not quick. Falling over. Head down in drills. So so rip move. Won’t make it.

This DeMarvin Leal stinks. For the longest time I tried to understand why so many had him as a top five pick. Didn’t impress during the year. This workout was a disaster. Not explosive. All over the place. Total Spazz. No base. The opposite of smooth. Falling over. Not a bender. Tight hipped. He’s bad.

Leal’s teammate Peevy stinks too. Soft rip move. Zero bend. Way too high. Total back bender. Horrible day.

Bad day for John Ridgeway. Carries his weight well but that’s about it. Out of control. Limited athlete. Weak on the bags. Slaps bag like a girl. Bad knee bend. Balance not there.

Davidson Arizona State. No 40 time. Doesn’t matter cause he’s not good anyway.


Marquan McCall = John McCargo.

Haskell Garrett is fine. Just looks like a depth piece. Has one gear. Looks stronger rather than twitchy. Good insticts. Looks better going stright.

So so day for Logan Hall. Too tall in more ways than one. Good stops and starts. Bends reall well for height. Wild hands. Worry about knee bend.

You can just tell this Chris Hinton is a better football player than a work out warrior. Good hips. Doesn’t get stuck in the mode. Maybe not explosive starter. Keeps feet moving. Good hips. Solid day.

Phidarian Mathis didn’t run. Kinda know what you’re getting with the Bama guys. Better downhill. Not comfy moving in space. Not in control. Lacks high end twitch.

Obgonnia couple slip ups. Hurt his hammy.

Vendetta’s Top 5 Defensive Linemen

1. Jordan Davis (Georgia)

2. Devonte Wyatt (Georgia)

3. Travis Jones (UConn)

4. Perrion Winfrey (Oklahoma)

5. Phidarian Mathis (Alabama)


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