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2022 Reese’s Senior Bowl: American Team Day 2 Practice Notes

2022 Reese's Senior Bowl

2022 Reese's Senior Bowl
Day 2 of practices at the 2022 Reese’s Senior Bowl is in the books. Let’s go over the notes for the American team. Who stood out for better or worse? (Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports)

2022 Reese’s Senior Bowl: American Team Day 2 Practice Notes

Here. We. Go. The 2022 Reese’s Senior Bowl kicks off with the second day of practices. Of course, I wasn’t able to watch the first day for a reason I’ve gone over several times. Let’s not waste any time. Let’s go over the practice notes for the American Team on day 2.

*As mentioned in the 2022 Reese’s Senior Bowl National team notes, the weather was bad. It needs to be taken into account. Also should be said Dan Campbell was doing Dan Cambell things. Daniel Bellinger the SD State tight end was put in one on one drills against Kingsley Enagbare in 3 straight reps while the ENTIRE team watched. Otherwise, I thought the practice was well done.


I don’t know what to do with Malik Willis. Well, I do. I’m just not 100 percent sure where to rank him. Has a good whip on him. Can fit the ball in tight windows when needed. Accuracy is beyond shaky. Is a plus, plus athlete. Short.

I do think there were times were everything clicked. More than the others can say from this group. He deserves credit for that. When he makes it splash, puppy looks good. Also deserves credit for going through progressions. It just isn’t always the right call.

Bailey Zappe is getting no love during any of the broadcast. It’s basically like he doesn’t exist. In fairness, I’m not sure he did. Lacks arm talent while just looking and smelling like a 7th rounder that fizzles out.

Sam Howell actually probably had the best day of the group. Maybe Willis did. It’s close-ish. There is a comfort and command with Howell. He’s out there slinging it. The downside is there is an uncle Rico quality here. Lazy feet. Doesn’t like to use his feet to throw. Wants to put a football over them there mountains. Sometimes it looks ugly. Other times he looks like he’s got it. I see a lot of Baker Mayfield.

Credit to him though. Does have some QB feel to him. Makes big daddy throws others don’t. Might be better than Baker?

Running Backs:

Not a ton here. ZaQuandre White can’t block at all. He looked liked one of the dogs chew toys out there.

Brian Robinson actually made some plays in the passing game. I’m telling you. I just see so much of Kenyan Drake.

Dameon Pierce runs hard. You gotta give him that. I’m not sure he’s even good. But… runs hard. Don’t love the hands. Can block.

Wide Receivers:

I’m pulling for this Jalen Tolbert. The hometown kid. Had a really good first day. Second day was okay. The tools are there. Got open on a deep ball to beat Josh Thompson. Just didn’t finish the catch.

How bout this Memphis guy, huh? They just seem to churn out dudes like this. You know… the Tony Pollard guys. Calvin Austin. Sheesh. Track speed. Gets to where he wants short and long game.

Kam made a great point in the texts he sent over to me and I know exactly what he means. “Good hands too, might’ve played his way into round 2, if TuTu Atwell can be a second rounder this guy definitely can, he said he’ll likely run a sub 4.35 forty time”

You know exactly what he means too. We’re in on this guy. Second round seems rich though so maybe we’re out if that’s the case. I want Deebo in round 2.

Tight Ends:

Not quite sure about the Bellinger guy. Ass kicked blocking. Falling over in routes against air. What’s the problem, dude? Doesn’t look like he belongs.

I’m so in on Greg Dulcich the UCLA tight end. So he’s not this all world blocker? Yawn. Guy makes plays. If that bum DTR wasn’t his QB last year, his numbers would have been way better. Has speed. Natural receiver. Knows the dirty dog secrets getting open when you’re really not that athletic. He’s got it a little. Not saying he’s a first rounder. But middle rounds? Oh, why can’t he be better than Tyler Higbee?

I don’t love Isaiah Likely either. Which is a shame because he was an important part of the Coastal Carolina offense. Looked stiff and soft. Doesn’t look like a tight end at all. Not sure he looks like more than that weird ass tight end Florida State had Nick O’Leary. Never had a shot and just sucked. Not into Likely. Very much into Definitely. I mean even the Texas A&M guy was all over him and he’s not a world beater. Give me a break. Not likely.

Offensive Line:

Who is 74 and where do I find you? Oh, that’s Spencer Burford pile driving another edge defender in the team drill. I really wasn’t into this offensive line group but this guy I really like. The South Carolina edge rusher can play but he’s a low key bum. The kind a guy a UTSA tackle typical loses to on Saturday. Not Burford. Guy can play.

The technique is there. Good knee bend. Can follow in stride with the back peddle. Just has it.

Credit to Ed Ingram. He’s the only guy that had a shot at winning a rep against Devonte Wyatt. Actually won one too. Means something.

Cade Mays fights. Can anchor. Probably limited upside. Not Trey Smith.

One of the Kentucky offensive linemen blows. To be honest; I’m not even sure which guy it is from the TV broadcast and I don’t want to get it wrong. I think it’s Darian Kinnard but it could be the other guy but wow. I mean this guy stinks so bad he doesn’t even get his hands on you. May as well be allergic to trying to block.

Like this Jamaree Salyer. Just doesn’t have Andrew Thomas upside. Does have something.

Defensive Line:

There was just no room to run for any of these backs in the team drills. This defensive line took over. They also need to be put into two groups. The edge guys didn’t flash quite as much as the interior.

Kingsley Enagbare is fine… I guess. Got a good punch. Can bull rush. But what else does the dude got? Where’s his pass rushing arsenal? I see 74 stuff you. I see other tackles take care of you no problem if they’re not significantly weaker than you. Give me more tomorrow.

The Virginia Tech guy actually played the run game well setting the edge. No twitch. Not sure he brings it like Dadi Nicolas. You know what I’m talking about.

Kinda into this DeAngelo Malone. Keeps his feet churning. Good first step.

I kinda like this John Ridgeway. Little bendy but I’m not sure he’s dominant enough. Confusing but interesting.

Phidarian Mathis is Bama all day. Do I smell Isaiah Buggs? Let’s go that range.

This dude Devonte Wyatt needs to stop. He’s the best player on the field. Total monster. Total freakshow. Moves way too well for a man that big. Deserves more love.


I love Channing Tindall. Guy flys. He’s everywhere. Range and FAST. Sticky in the one on one drills. Like him. Love him. Locks up the pimp daddy tight end from UCLA. I want more Tindall’s on my team.

Defensive Backs:

Tariq Woolen of UTSA had a rep so bad it needs to be talked about. I think he probably got called for seven flags on one rep guarding Tolbert. Tried his best to rip the jersey off with that holding call.

My man Derion Kendrick a little jumpy. My man wants to bite on everything. Attacks the ball but boy you can see where he’s going to get in trouble. Like him. Don’t love love him.

Not sure what to do with Clemson. My head hurts.


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