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2022 NFL Scouting Combine: Running Back Notes

2022 NFL Scouting Combine

(Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

2022 NFL Scouting Combine
The 2022 NFL Scouting Combine is in the books for the running backs. Which back stood out for better or worse? (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

2022 NFL Scouting Combine: Running Back Notes

The 2022 NFL Scouting Combine is officially here. It looked for a minute that we were in danger of even getting a combine this year. That was before the NFL decided to cancel on their stupid bubble idea.

The second day of the combine includes the offensive linemen and running backs. There isn’t a ton of buzz at the running back spot this year despite the fact that it’s loaded with talent. Teams should have no problem finding talent if they’re smart about it. Let’s go through the running back notes!

*Isaiah Spiller did not run the 40. I hate that because that was probably his biggest question. I do love him. Looked good in the drills for the most part. A bit high but we knew that. He’s unique. Bends well. Elusive. Just not super twitched up.

D’Vonta Price only ran. No workout. Don’t know why.

*It also needs to be mentioned, I don’t think they do a good job with this group on the drills. Needs to be more rushing drills. I can do without 800 flat routes.


Breece Hall

Hall had a good day. The 40 time 4.39 was better than expected. Absurd actually. He’s just really tall. I guess I shouldn’t expect him to make elite cuts but he doesn’t. I see Matt Forte. He’s just really upright. But he can run and looks fluid. I don’t love the stumbles in the passing game. You can see he probably won’t be elite in that category.

James Cook

James Cook is ridiculous. He’s not a track guy. He’s like Dalvin. The 40 time I didn’t think was going to wow you, but he can run 4.42. Yeah, that’s unreal. He’s just such an easy mover. His jukes are effortless. There is an unspoken balance he has. Able to stay on feet. Awesome juker. Really great cuts. Quicker than fast. Has short area burst. There is a springiness (if that’s a word) that Cook has that nobody else in the draft has.

I don’t think James is Dalvin. He’s not as big. Maybe not a pure of an every down guy. James Cook is the best receiver here and in 2022 that matters. He can’t be Ekeler? Yes, he can.

Kenneth Walker

Walker had such a good year he has to be in this category. The workout? Didn’t think it was great. I knew the guy was fast and his 40 time of 4.46 really helps that case. Really bad on the Duce Staley drill tripping over a lot of bags.

Jerrion Ealy

Ealy is just a good athlete. Not a burner (4.52) but that’s not everything. Quicker than fast.

Zonovan Knight

I liked this Zonovan Knight. Flexible. Pure foot speed is there. Looked good in the pass game. Little sudden. Just liked Goodson a tad more.

Tyler Goodson

Tell you what. He’s good. I can’t even take credit for it because my dad called this one first. Grew on me over the year. That combine was something. Has some special cuts in there. Good knee bender. Shifty, quick, got some twitch there. One drop but can’t kill him for that. Not McCaffrey but something.


Not great by Rachaad White. Not a terrible workout but didn’t wow and suffered from some drops. Can’t really link his moves together. No chain reaction. It’s one cut and that’s the best you’re going to get. Which is kinda what we saw at the Senior Bowl.

Sincere McCormick just not quick. Did make a crazy one handed grab that was cool.

Fast Guys

Tyler Chandler

Chandler just reeks of third down back. Yes, he can run. Yes, he can cut. Yes, he can catch. He just doesn’t scream wow. Ever. Good player. Will make the league. Tops out at Darren Sproles.

Fast time on Rutgers. Little spazy but looked alright.

Pierre Strong was a slightly better on field version. Quick feet. Didn’t look like the best natural receiver.


Zamir White is a winner. He answered one question but confirmed another. He’s better straight line. Total bruiser. The cuts are average. Not super quick. BUT… that 40 time of 4.40 is way better than I expected. Maybe time for me to give him a bump because I’ve kind of considered him poor man’s Nick Chubb. Maybe lower tier middle class Nick Chubb?

I don’t think Kyren Williams moved terrible but his 40 time of 4.65 is so bad I’m not sure he makes it. With AJ Dillon, he’s big but guy can run. Kyren is slow, slow.

Kennedy Brooks was fine. He’s just not that quick. More of a crafty runner. His first step is slow. Doesn’t have good hands. Not a factor in the pass game. Better than how I described him but you know what I mean.

Ty Davis-Price looks like a Fournette back up at LSU. Lacks burst. 7th round type cutting ability. Nothing special.

Jerome Ford kinda looks physically like a Bama guy. Not fast. Falling over. Not a bender. He’s fine.


This Snoop Conner blows. He’s just painfully slow. I know he did some stuff at Ole Miss but he’s a plug and play bruiser… in college. Not the NFL. Ditto for Tyler Allgeier. Lacks speed. Slow feet. Same guy.

Tyler Badie is too small to look the way he does. Moves okay but okay isn’t good enough for a tiny guy his size. I’ve been out and continue to remain out.

Leddie Brown. 4.64. Too slow.

I don’t know what Keontay Ingram is but it’s not a running back.

Warren. Nothing to say. Ain’t it.

Vendetta’s Top 5 Running Backs

1. James Cook (Georgia)

2. Isaiah Spiller (Texas A&M)

3. Breece Hall (Iowa State)

4. Tyler Goodson (Iowa)

5. Kenneth Walker (Michigan State)


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