2020 NFL Scouting Combine
Isaiah Simmons ran a 4.39 and called it a day. The linebackers were on display at the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine. Who won or lost the day? (Brian Spurlock/USA TODAY Sports)

We’re back with the final group on day 3 of the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine. After watching the defensive lineman and edge rushers, it’s now time to focus on the linebackers. As the years go on, it’s incredible how fast and athletic these linebackers get. So much range and speed on display. Let’s break down the linebackers at the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine.

*This is an incredible group of linebackers. I don’t love being overly positive on these articles but it was hard to be negative. More guys impressed than didn’t.

*Both Kenneth Murray and Patrick Queen pulled their hamstrings on their 2nd 40 yard dash run. Such a shame because I’m very high on both of them. Really puts a downer on the post expecting to have a lot of the focus on them.

*Another side note. Daniel Jeremiah and Rich Eisen are tough to listen to. I can’t listen to them talking about Fred the sled and football on a stick for another second. They waste time because they can’t actually evaluate the prospects. It’s outrageous. God do I miss Mike Mayock. I think they cut the coverage shorter than normal too. I never saw the group break it down and end the day.

*There are 44 linebackers here. Very challenging to put notes together on all of them.

*Curtis Weaver didn’t run. Big shame because that’s the question on him.

*K’Lavon Chaisson didn’t work out. I think he belongs in the edge rusher group but had a linebacker tag. He’s a first round pick all day.

Murray ran a 40 time of – 4.52

Queen ran a 40 time of – 4.50

Never Before Seen

Isaiah Simmons is alien. 6’4″ 238 lbs. -39″ vertical -11’0″ broad jump. That’s not a human. He plays safety, corner, defensive end, linebacker. There has never been a guy like Isaiah Simmons. He ran a 4.39 official time and called it a day. No drills for him either. Can’t hate the move.

Malik Harrison

My guy gets his own category. His ball skills are incredible. This is what the modern day linebacker looks like. He’s just so, so smooth. 4.66 – 40 time is solid. Going through the bags, Harrison is just so controlled and on balance. This man is so valuable because of how good he is in coverage. Check him out. Smooth and natural all day.

The Athletes

Willie Gay put no a show. Range and speed is off the charts. A 4.46 – 40 time is great too. This man is a clinic. Everything is 100 miles an hour and flawless. Nobody should be able to move that fast through the drills and look good doing it. Did I mention the range and speed? Stock WAY up.

No Thanks

Cale Garrett slow and sluggish. Tight hips couldn’t change direction quickly.


Shaun Bradley will hit you. Wasn’t elite in movement skills but he ran a fast enough time. Going through the bags wasn’t the greatest but dropping back in coverage and breaking on the ball, I though Bradley was very good.


Slow doesn’t necessarily mean bad. It’s absolutely more important now with the way the game is changing. That’s why this is a category.

Shaq Quarterman isn’t fast but I thought he looked really instinctive in the drills. Bent his knees well and got to his spot. His eye level wasn’t up going through the bags but he looked smooth. I’m fine with that for him. He smacks dudes. Quarterman did slip one time trying to open his hips. Not surprising. Not who he is. This is a downhill thumper.

Michael Divinity ran a slow 40 time but I thought he was impressive in the drills. I think he has some sneaky pass rushing moves to him. Did well in the bag drills. I thought he did a nice job keeping his eyes up and hand discipline. I don’t think talent is the issue here. More off the field issues.

Something Else

Nick Coe won’t look great in the drills. He’s 280 and really is a pass rusher. Moving in space isn’t his thing. I thought he looked good with his hands in the pass rushing drill.

Neither Alabama guys ran. Anfernee Jennings and Terrell Lewis did the drills. I think both are pass rusher. Neither looked good in space. Kind of predictable but worse than expected. Jennings feet were really slow. Lewis had a hard time bending. Would have rather seen them workout in the rusher group.

Zack Baun is a tough call. He’s some sort of hybrid. I think he moved well but he’s not athletic enough as a pure linebacker. Also got his ass kicked rushing the passer at the Senior Bowl. Good luck.

Former Safeties

Khaleke Hudson is a former safety. It’s easy to spot he can move. Didn’t catch the ball well though. Nice level change, low to the ground, and attacked.

Davion Taylor had some rough moments. Ran a fast time but took a tumble and had jittery movements. Looks fast but doesn’t look like he 100 percent comfortable. Former safety for you. Now coverage skills? I thought he looked VERY good dropping back in coverage. Tough one to grade.

Other Notes

Carter Coughlin had a nice day. Fluid hip movement. Then again I thought there were moments he got caught in and out of breaks. Up and down day.

DeJon Harris would have looked a hell of a lot better if he didn’t go right after Willie Gay. Having said that, I thought he looked really good.

Azur Kamara not a twitchy athlete but I thought he moved well. Maybe a step slow in terms of initial burst but gets the job done.

Vendetta Big Board

1: Isaiah Simmons (Clemson)

2: Patrick Queen (LSU)

3: Kenneth Murray (Oklahoma)

4: Malik Harrison (Ohio State)

5: Willie Gay (Mississippi State)? *More homework to do here.