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When the season first began and fans began to predict the playoff teams, the two teams that come to mind are Clemson and Alabama, right? The other two were up for debate. Well, I am here to tell you that there is a sleeping giant in the Big 10, and its Wisconsin. I get that teams like LSU, Auburn, Georgia, Notre Dame, and many others may object but I hate to break it to you, theres only one spot left. The 3 seed is going to this Wisconsin Football team.

I know what you are thinking: how on earth is Wisconsin going to make the playoff? I’ll tell you. Let’s start with their schedule. This weekend, Wisconsin plays host to Michigan who can’t seem to score points consistently if their lives depended on it. Come on; they are supposed to be threatened by a team that went to double overtime AT HOME against Army. No disrespect to Army but seriously, 24 points? That’s it? Jim Harbaugh fails in big games, and Saturday will not be any different. They play host to Michigan State and Iowa, difficult games but at home, shouldn’t be an issue. Their hardest game of the year comes October 26 when they travel to Columbus to play Ohio State. Without Urban Meyer, I don’t have much faith in that team. They have faults that I think this Wisconsin Football team will exploit. I don’t see any losses on their schedule and a trip to the Big 10 Championship.

Next, let’s talk about their offense. I have two words for you: Jonathan Taylor. This man will be in New York for the Heisman Trophy presentation. But the offense is much more than Taylor. Quarterback Jack Coan is throwing the ball precisely: 76.3% on the year while only being sacked 4 times. That goes to the offensive line, playing three upperclassmen including the highest-rated Left Tackle last year in Cole Van Lanen. This offense is dynamic with Taylor in the backfield. He is averaging 6.8 yards per carry and already has 8 total touchdowns. He is a scoring machine, and behind a very solid offensive line, expect that number to skyrocket.

A lot is to be said about the Wisconsin Badgers offense, but their defense is their calling card so far this season. Wisconsin is leading the nation in total defense, and it isn’t even close. The Badgers are holding teams to 107.5 yards per game. The next closest team is TCU, and they are over 100 yards behind them. Not only are they incredible on the first two downs, but they also lead the nation in 3rd down percentage at 65%. This defense has forced 5 turnovers so far this year, but getting to the Quarterback has also been a feature to the tune of 5 sacks so far. This team just doesn’t miss tackles and it shows on the tape.

I am by no means a Wisconsin Badgers fan, and I am sure many of you that will read this will laugh at this take. But come back and see me in January when Wisconsin is playing in the College Football PLayoff. I’ll accept your apologies, I promise.

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