Paulson Adebo
The hype around Paulson Adebo is real (Robert Thomas/247 Sports)

“I know there’s no chance we’re bringing him back,” David Shaw told Todd McShay.

That’s what Stanford head coach David Shaw said about his cornerback, Paulson Adebo during the TV broadcast against USC. Translation if you haven’t picked it up already; Paulson Adebo is declaring for the 2020 NFL Draft. If there is one corner that has blown me away this year, it’s Adebo. The kid is a stud. Shaw knows how special he is.

At this moment, Adebo tops my cornerback draft board for 2020. He should be the first one off the board and I really don’t need to see much more. In Week One, Adebo stifled the Northwestern passing game allowing a total of 7 yards thrown in his direction. If you want to see my write up for the 2020 NFL Draft update in Week One, you can find that here. In Week 2, he added 2 more pass deflections to his resume which now adds up to 4 on the season.

Adebo has the chance to stay at Stanford for another two years. That’s not happening. Adebo plays the ball too well in the air. His change of direction is off the charts. His hip flexibility is elite. Adebo is a willing tacker with plus speed. The tools are off the charts. Plus, he’s from Stanford. That only guarantees that he’s brilliant. Catch him while you still can. It’s only a matter of time until team’s stop throwing the ball in his direction.

If you watch another Stanford game this year, make sure you check out number 11 in red. He’s the guy that doesn’t’ allow a catch. The hype is real. Adebo isn’t 6-foot-4 like Richard Sherman but the guy is showing he’s a phenomenal football player. Adebo will be a first round pick and probably the first corner off the draft board when the 2020 NFL Draft comes around.