Zion Williamson
Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

When Zion Williamson plays, he has been amazing. The key part of that phrase is “when”. Zion played in only 19 games before the break and has played in less than 15 minutes in the two games since the restart. What gives? Why won’t the Pelicans play Zion?

If you have read any of my articles over the past month, then you will notice I am fully behind a conspiracy by the NBA to get Zion into the playoffs. I stand by every statement that I have made. At the same time, I continue to iterate that I wish nothing but the best for Zion. I want him to be healthy and not become the greatest “what if” athlete of any sport.

Is Zion hurt? If not, let him play.

The Pelicans are just a better team when Zion is out on the court. In their first game back against the Jazz, all the Pelicans had to do was play Zion the final two minutes and they would have won that game. Why do they continue to sit him? Is he still injured? Does Zion have something going on that the team isn’t letting the press know? They say they have nothing to hide, but Gentry keeps stating that the medical staff wants limited minutes and he listens to them.

Tonight, Zion and the Pelicans face off against soon to be crowned Rookie of the Year Ja Morant and the Memphis Grizzlies. I will be rooting for the Grizzlies, but I honestly do what to see Zion out there. If my Grizzlies are going to lose their playoff spot, I want it to be because Zion earned it. I want to watch him earn it. Let Zion go out and show what he can really do. When I say play, I mean at least 30 minutes. Anywhere between 15-25 minutes is not enough.

If Zion does not play tonight, and the Grizzlies find a way to win, then the Pelicans season is all but finished. Memphis is vulnerable after dropping their first two games but still retain the 8 spot. The Pelicans and the NBA need Zion to play if there is any hope to be a dream match up between the Pelicans and the Lakers. Let Zion free. It’s time to unleash the beast.