Zion Williamson

Zion Williamson is the darling of the NBA. I know the hype for LeBron was huge when he came out of high school, but Twitter and Instagram have sent Zion to unheard of levels of stardom. He’s a household name and has played 1/4 of a season. Despite this fact, Zion will be on the cover of the next-gen versions of NBA 2K21.

Listen, I like Zion. I hope he stays healthy and is a star in this league for the next 20 years. But what I am sick and tired of is everyone handing this dude the keys to the kingdom after 19 games. His stats are impressive, but it’s a small sample size. I know why 2K chose Zion. He’s considered the future of the NBA, new generation of consoles, it’s cute. But my God is it infuriating.

I’ve been trying to tell everyone about the Zion Williamson conspiracy that is taking root in the NBA. Everyone wants to hand him Rookie of the Year despite playing 19 games. That ship sailed a long time ago with the rise of Ja Morant. The NBA wants to see a Zion/Lebron matchup in the playoffs and are twisting the bubble every way they can to get him in. Now it seems the conspiracy has made its way to the virtual world.

What sucks is that no one will probably listen to me because of my NBA fandom. I’m a big Grizzlies fan, but a level headed one. They went beyond my expectations this season and I hope that trend continues. It’s just infuriating to see my team on the chopping block for an even smaller market because of the potential of a player. I’m not saying Ja should’ve gotten the cover. He’s a rookie too with a lot left to prove.

Kobe should’ve been on the cover, but 2K will probably put him on the Legend Edition so they can squeeze money out of a dead man’s pocket. I swear if that happens I will be livid. I’ve already ripped Madden today and I’m not afraid to do the same to 2K. My keyboard is ready.