Ja Morant
It’s not even close. Ja Morant is the Rookie of the Year. (AP Photo/Nell Redmond)

Memphis Grizzlies rookie Ja Morant has been playing phenomenally during his first 11 games of his NBA career. The “point-god” from Murry State has made himself known not just in Memphis but to the rest of the NBA. With Zion Williamson out, there is no question that Morant is the Rookie of the Year.

Morant’s first two games in the league were what would be expected from a rookie. He made multiple turnovers in both games, took dumb shots, almost killed himself on multiple dunk attempts and was outplayed by the Chicago Bulls rookie point guard Coby White. These struggles were expected from a small point guard who had big shoes to fill.

Things changed during the game against the Brooklyn Nets. A game tying bucket and a block on Kyrie Irving to send the game into overtime set the Grizzlies up for their first win. It was beautiful.

Things only began to escalate from there. Yes, there have been some lulls in his performances. However, Morant currently leads all rookies in points (18.3), assists (5.8) and 20 point games (6). He’s had some uber athletic finishes at the rim and is finding easier ways to find open teammates. Morant had his first double-double against the Charlotte Hornets, a homecoming game in which nearly 100 friends and family witnessed him make the game winning shot.

Morant is the NBA Rookie of the Year. It’s stupid to not think he is. So what White hit seven threes in a quarter. So what Kendrick Nunn is lighting it up with the Miami Heat. Morant is scoring more than both, better at finding open players and has better efficiency numbers. He is massively ahead of every rookie in playmaking ability.

Morant has done well leading this Memphis team. All his teammates and coaches have nothing but praise for him. As much as Grizz fans love Jaren Jackson Jr, Ja has established himself as the cornerstone of the franchise moving forward. Expectations this season were that the Grizzlies would struggle this year, but that does not stop fans from being optimistic about the future. A future that will be lead by the 2019-2020 NBA Rookie of the Year Ja Morant.