Zack Steffen Feels Safer Germany
United States goalkeeper Zack Steffen. Photo by Angel Marchini/Getty.

Zack Steffen Says He Feels Safer in Germany

The newest movement of Black Lives Matter has shaken the world. Police brutality videos in the U.S. are shocking many. American goalkeeper Zack Steffen says he feels safer in Germany than in the U.S. when it comes to police brutality and racial profiling.

Steffen is on loan to German club Fortuna Düsseldorf from Manchester City. He also plays on the Men’s National Team. He is currently in Germany for the return of Bundesliga.

In a recent interview with ESPN, he details how he feels about being in Germany during this time. He also touched base on how he becomes more alert when police are around. He hasn’t had any run-ins with the police but still feels the need to be ready for anything.

“I tell myself, you better watch yourself, you better wake up, because anything can happen,” said Steffen.

Any time that he sees cops his mind automatically goes to the police brutality videos that circulate the internet. According to Steffen we should be able to look at the cops for help and leadership.

It is speaking volumes when Steffen says he feels safer in Germany than in America, a place that is supposed to be about freedom and equality.