Raheem Mostert
Could Raheem Mostert turn into one of the league’s best running back? You would be a a fool not to think so. (Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

If you’re not all over Raheem Mostert in fantasy for this upcoming year, I think there is something seriously wrong with you. The question isn’t whether Mostert is a good player or not. It’s if Mostert is a GREAT player. Could Raheem Mostert turn into one of the NFL’s best running backs? You’re a fool if you don’t consider it a possibility.

Number one: Mostert is in a position to succeed. He doesn’t even have to be talented to thrive. Look at Steve Slaton. That guy sucked and this system found a way for him to be a good player. Devonta Freeman was average at best and people thought he was really good. I think Mostert is actually a good player. He didn’t have to be. Mostert has Kyle Shanahan and that’s probably enough.

Number two: Mostert actually has the skillset to be talented. Look, most guys in the NFL aren’t late bloomers. I think Mostert falls into that category and there’s a reason for it. Mostert was a full one track guy. Except a skinny one. The former Purdue running back ran a 4.34 – 40 time in 2015. The problem is he wasn’t really a running back.

Mostert was a 5-11, 190 pound gadget guy. Mostert had elite speed but he didn’t have a role in college. 2014 was the only real year Purdue committed him as a primary running back. It was a small sample but 93 carries, 529 yards, and 5.7 per pop was enough to get him in the league.

Like Purdue, Mostert bounced around the league. He kept getting chances because he was an awesome special teams guy. Mostert just didn’t have an offensive identity. Mostert was cut by Cleveland, Miami, Baltimore, and Chicago before landing in San Francisco.

Number three: San Fran is the first team to give him a big shot at just being a running back. Mostert changed his body. No more gadget guy. He’s added 10 pounds and runs like a true back now. You can see the burst is special. He just needed to build into a real running back.

The sample size in San Francisco is REAL. 137 attempts for 772 yards, and 8 touchdowns. That’s what Mostert did in his first real chance. 5.6 yards per carry doesn’t seem possible. What’s funny is it brought his average down to 6.0. The playoff run should have been enough by itself to make you realize this is real. 3 games, 336 yards, 5 touchdowns, 6.34 YPC. That’s against playoff teams.

Just because Mostert doesn’t have a lengthy track record, doesn’t mean he’s not a good player. He might be a great player. Mostert is a real running back now that’s kept his speed and torches defenses. Add that to the best run game coordinator there is and zero tread on the tires. Buy all the Raheem Mostert stock.