German FA Will Not Punish Players
Borussia Dortmund’s Achraf Hakimi celebrates scoring a goal with a ‘Justice for George Floyd’ shirt. Photo by Lars Baron.

German FA Will Not Punish Players

There have been a large number of protests happening around the world after the George Floyd incident. Sports players are trying to use their platform to take a stance as well. Multiple Bundesliga players have recently used the games as a way to express their support for the #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd and #BlackLivesMatter campaigns. German FA will not punish players for anti-racism protests during games.

The federation (DFB) believes that the messages align with their values and principles.

“The DFB has made a strong stand against any form of racism, discrimination or violence and stands for tolerance, openness and diversity, values which are also anchored in the DFB’s statutes,” said federation president Fritz Keller.

They said that the players have their respect and understanding. The players that have made statements are Achraf Hakimi, Jadon Sancho, Weston McKennie and Marcus Thuram.

FIFA has also said that players who are standing up deserve to be applauded and not punished for taking a stance.

Premier League has also taken to social media to also take a stance against discrimination. Players also took part in the #blackouttuesday campaign like Lionel Messi, Harry Kane and many others.

German FA not punishing players for protesting is what other leagues should also follow.