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Credit – USA Network

WWE Monday Night Raw (10/03/2022): Results and Review

Credit – USA Network

WWE Monday Night Raw (10/03/2022): Results and Review

Opening Segment – The Judgement Day vs. AJ Styles and Rey Mysterio

This week’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw started with an entrance by The Judgement Day. Finn Balor cut a promo and it was honestly one of the best we have gotten from him lately. He has really come into form with this new gimmick of late. At this time, AJ Styles entered the arena and his tag team partner for the night, Rey Mysterio, followed.

A relatively back-and-forth match saw Styles and Priest get the hot tag. The match saw Rey struggling to keep his mind off Dominik, which eventually costed him. With Dominik Mysterio as a distraction, Rhea Ripley was able to interfere and allow Balor to hit the Coup de Grace for the victory.

After the match, Rey Mysterio attempted to apologize to his tag team partner, but Styles was not hearing it. He was incredibly frustrated with Rey for allowing the Judgement Day to interfere. Styles shoved Rey and it looked like we were in store for a full-fledged heel turn before the Judgement Day attacked again. Balor stressed to Styles that he needs to join the Judgement Day because they will protect him and have his back. It is going to be really interesting to see where this goes. I do not think Styles will join, but I would be all for it if he did.

Backstage interview with U.S. Champion Bobby Lashley

In this segment, Bobby Lashley was stopped backstage and began addressing his status as United States Champion. He once again asserted that he wants to be a fighting champion before he was interrupted by none other than Mustafa Ali. Ali expressed his unhappiness with the lack of opportunity he has been given and challenged Bobby to a match later in the night on WWE Monday Night Raw.

Ali is an all-around incredible wrestler who has never fully found his footing in the WWE. I can tell you I am not alone in my joy to see him back on WWE programming.

Before the match between the two men started, we got a quick backstage segment with the Bloodline, sans Roman Reigns. It showed Jey frustratingly interrupting a funny conversation between Sami Zayn and Jimmy Uso before they announced Reigns, along with the Bloodline, will be on WWE Monday Night Raw next week for the season premiere.

Bobby Lashley vs. Mustafa Ali

I was so excited for this match if I am being honest, mainly just because it is so good to see Mustafa Ali back in the ring on RAW.

Ali showed speed and aggressiveness early, but Bobby was able to maintain control going into the first break. Ali did not make it easy on the champ at all. The tide began to turn when Ali was able to hit a 450 Splash onto the left arm of Lashley. It looked brutal. Despite the valiant efforts from Ali, Lashley was consistently able to power through.

Eventually, Ali slapped Lashley across the face which only enraged the United States Champion. He began to pummel Ali, even throwing him into the timekeepers’ area and attempting to win by count out. I truly believed he was going to be counted out until Ali got up at the last second. The commentators were definitely trying to sell the undeniable will of Ali. Eventually, Lashley put Ali in The Hurt Lock and won by submission.

While he was celebrating the victory, Lashley was attacked from behind by Seth Rollins. He delivered two stomps to the champion because he is still upset about their match a couple weeks ago, in which Rollins believes he should have won. Then, on his way out, he delivered another stomp to Ali who was already down on the ground. He did that simply to remind the crowd that he is a d**k. That is the little, but brilliant, character work done on a regular basis by Rollins. It is what makes him one of the best.

Seth Rollins-Matt Riddle face to face

Rollins is stood in the ring following his attack and briefly introduced the crowd to a video package displaying the Fight Pit Match. The video had really in-depth graphics that helped the viewers get an understanding of what the Fight Pit structure looks like and how it works. He calls out Matt Riddle, who comes out to the ring with purpose.

Rollins makes sure to stress that there is a no contact clause in their match contract, so Riddle cannot touch him until the match at WWE Extreme Rules.

Rollins and Riddle went back and forth with some more personal digs. This is definitely the most personal storyline going on in the WWE right now. Rollins went at Riddle with some jokes about his kids and child support payments. Riddle made sure to remind Rollins that Becky has a WrestleMania main event, unlike Rollins.

At this time, UFC Hall of Famer, Daniel Cormier appears on the jumbotron. He expresses that he is annoyed with these two men going back and forth and he will make sure it is put to an end this Saturday at WWE Extreme Rules. It seems like they may be pushing this as the last match in this rivalry, but we will see.

Before commercial break, we had a clip of Candice LeRae walking to the ring for her match and the White Rabbit QR code appeared on the screen.

Candice LeRae vs. Dakota Kai

This match is one of those bouts that made me sit back and recognize how stacked the women’s division is right now. The match went back and forth from the beginning, but LeRae was able to hit a springboard cross body to take control heading into commercial break. When we returned, Dakota Kai was in control. We did not see exactly how on TV, but the announcers were stressing the 3-on-1 advantage of Damage CTRL. Kai can deliver kicks with the best of them.

She hit a scorpion kick on LeRae, but LeRae was able to counter. She then hit a knee from the corner. It looked like there was going to be a superplex at one point, but LeRae turned it into a German suplex onto Kai. It was at this point that IYO SKY distracted the referee allowing Bayley to interfere and Kai get the roll up pin and victory. Leading into the next commercial break, WWE took the time to recognize the passing of wrestling legend and WWE Hall of Fame inductee, Antonio Inoki. Inoki was the founder of New Japan Professional Wrestling.

Otis vs. Johnny Gargano

This match saw Austin Theory join the Alpha Academy in their entrance and join the commentary team. It was back and forth early, with Otis displaying his power to take advantage. This was a great pairing of wrestlers to help display each other’s talents, especially Otis. He looked great in this match.

Gargano eventually hit a great reversal DDT to take control. The men ended up on the outside of the ring and Johnny Wrestling launched himself at Austin Theory before hitting Otis with a tornado DDT. Eventually, Gable was able to distract the referee enough for Gargano to get hit from behind by Austin Theory. Otis then picked up the victory. After the match, the three men continued to beat into Gargano before Braun Strowman came out and cleared the ring, which led to commercial.

Chad Gable vs. Braun Strowman

We return to RAW to see Chad Gable in control of Strowman. They show us a replay of an Otis interference during break that allowed Gable to gain the upper hand. Chad Gable hit a German suplex into a bridge cover on Strowman that looked insane. It was slightly botched, but it didn’t make it look any less impressive. Chad Gable was doing whatever it took: slapping, poking, scratching. It was a really impressive showing. Eventually, the power of Braun was too much, and he hit the power bomb for the victory.

This was definitely Braun’s best match since returning and it was cut short due to the commercial in the beginning. It was unnecessary to attack Gargano post match and have Braun make the save. If they just cut to commercial and started the match after, it would have been to their benefit. It is a small complaint, but something to note.

Before the next segment, we got a quick clip of Lashley furious about the attack he suffered from Seth “Freakin” Rollins earlier in the night. He challenged Rollins to a United States Championship match next week on the season premiere of WWE Monday Night RAW.

RAW Women’s Championship Ladder Match Contract Signing

Bayley entered the ring without Damage CTRL. Her and Bianca sit down as Bayley started delivering a great promo. She discussed her journey through the WWE and the ladder being symbolic to her climb to the top. Bianca signs the contract and as Corey Graves picks up the folder there is a QR code on the bottom. Another white rabbit mystery. Bianca stresses to Bayley that she is authentic, and that is why people love her. At this point, a video comes up of the remaining members of Damage CTRL beating up Asuka and Alexa Bliss backstage. The video cuts as Bianca runs back to help and Asuka is crying with a chair around her knee. Alexa then challenges IYO to a match in the main event of Monday Night RAW.

Solo Sikoa vs. Angelo Dawkins

This match was a great back and forth battle between Angelo Dawkins and the Street Champ. The Enforcer of the Bloodline might be my favorite in ring. Dawkins looked great in this match. He has obviously put in so much work to get his body where it is. He hit an incredible flip over the ropes. Despite Angelo’s efforts and the messiness of the Honorary Uce and Jey Uso, Solo was able to pick up the win.

After this match, we got a quick backstage segment with Austin Theory. He announced a match between him and Gargano next week on the season premiere of WWE Monday Night Raw.

Edge Video Package

In this video package, Edge was very vulnerable. He said Edge has mainly just been Adam Copeland (his real name) since coming back this time around. Edge mentions his body is giving out and he cannot keep doing this forever, but he must take down the Judgement Day. He vowed to make Balor say “I Quit” at WWE Extreme Rules.

Alexa Bliss vs. IYO SKY

In the main event of this week’s WWE Monday Night Raw, we had Alexa Bliss take on one half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, IYO SKY. Alexa challenged IYO on behalf of Asuka who was attacked just earlier in the show. SKY delivered a beautiful back breaker but missed the moonsault. It allowed Alexa to counter into a DDT. Bliss managed hit Twisted Bliss, but Bayley had the ref distracted. Bianca tries to attack Bayley, but Bayley and Dakota Kai throw her into the steel steps. Bliss manages to take out Bayley and Kai, but she was distracted enough for IYO SKY to pick up the win.

Damage CTRL continued their beating on Alexa and Bianca as Asuka limps out with a kendo stick. She enters the ring and Kai and SKY immediately drop a ladder on her injured leg. The trio ontinue to beat down the others before climbing the ladder with all three titles in hand. This could possibly be a preview into what we will see on Saturday night at WWE Extreme Rules.



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