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WWE Crown Jewel 2022

Credit: WWE

WWE Crown Jewel 2022: Staff Predictions And Match Card Preview

WWE Crown Jewel 2022
Credit: WWE

WWE Crown Jewel 2022: Staff Predictions And Match Card Preview

WWE Crown Jewel has a massive match card. The premium live event features some of the biggest superstars in WWE. With eight total matches on the card, this show can change the trajectory of WWE. Crown Jewel is taking place on November 5th, at 12:00 pm EST, 9:00 am PST, and 7:00 pm GMT. This is the fourth time this event has taken place. The show always features the top superstars of the company and usually has a lot of matches on it and this show is no different. With so much that can happen and a lot on the line, I asked fellow staff members, Jiarmani DePena and Dillon O’Brien, for their predictions for WWE Crown Jewel.

Bray Wyatt Appears


Bray Wyatt has taken the WWE Universe by storm since he returned to the company at Extreme Rules. He has delivered some emotional promos and some alarming ones. The WWE Universe finally got introduced to Uncle Howdy via video package. So there is no telling what Bray Wyatt will have in store for WWE Crown Jewel.

The O.C vs The Judgement Day


AJ Styles finally found some friends to help him against Judgement Day. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows made their WWE return and aided longtime friend, AJ Styles. The two groups have been battling for weeks leading up to this match. But the one difference maker is Rhea Ripley. Ripley is the wild card in all of us. She is a former women’s champion and has shown off her dominance in recent weeks. Furthermore, she has shown he isn’t afraid to fight with the boys. She even body-slammed Luke Gallows with ease on Raw. The O.C is aware of their Rhea problem and is searching for someone to be the solution.


I think Judgement needs the win more and I think they will get it. This is the first time that Judgement Day will team together as a trio, so it’s important to establish them as a threat by winning. Essentially just have them do the same thing they did with Damage CTRL. However, I think we are going to get the answer to the Rhea problem and I think that will come in the form of Tegan Nox.

Staff Predictions

Mark: Judgement Day def. The O.C

Jiarmani: The O.C def. Judgement Day

Dillon: Judgement Day def. The O.C

Omos vs Braun Strowman


Braun Strowman has been dominant since returning to WWE. He has taken down any and all who dared to step up. He has won his fair share of matches even if the odds were uneven. But he found a new feud, someone who he has never faced before. Strowman is used to being the biggest man wherever he goes, but that’s not the case in WWE. Omos towers over the massive Strowman and now the two goliaths are set to do battle at WWE Crown Jewel. The difference maker in this match is Omos’ manager, MVP. But Strowman has overcome uneven odds before and he is looking to do it again.


I think Omos needs this win more. Strowman hasn’t faced any losses in WWE since returning. WWE is trying to establish Omos as a threat and so he needs to win if they want to accomplish that. Furthermore, I don’t think this feud is done after this match. I think MVP will get involved, ultimately costing Strowman the match.

Staff Predictions

Mark: Omos def. Braun Strowman

Jiarmani: Braun Strowman def. Omos

Dillon: Omos def. Braun Strowman

Steel Cage Match

Karrion Kross vs Drew McIntyre


Since returning to WWE, Karrion Kross has his eyes set on one person, Drew McIntyre. Kross has attacked Drew numerous times and has even cost him matches. The two met in a strap match at Extreme Rules where Kross won with the help of Scarlett. Since then, Drew has been enraged and attacked Kross at every moment. Drew even crashed his car into Kross before Smackdown. Now, these two will meet inside a steel cage at WWE Crown Jewel. So Scarlett will not be able to get involved and there will be no running away.


I’m picking Drew McIntyre to get the win. He has been doing a lot of losing lately so he definitely needs a win in this match. Plus with Scarlett not being able to get involved, although I think she will find a way, Drew’s chances increase.

Staff Predictions

Mark: Drew McIntyre def. Karrion Kross

Jiarmani: Karrion Kross def. Drew McIntyre

Dillon: Karrion Kross def. Drew McIntyre

Bobby Lashley vs Brock Lesnar


Brock Lesnar cost Bobby Lashley his United States Championship. Since then, these two have caused pure chaos in WWE. They have attacked each other whenever they get in sight. So this match is going to be extremely physical. These are two of the strongest men in WWE, so this match is going to be something to watch. Lashley holds a victory over Lesnar in their only singles match, but Lesnar won the WWE Championship in the Elimination Chamber match this year. There’s one thing for certain, these two are going to tear the roof off of the arena.


As much as I want bobby Lashley to win, I can’t see WWE going in that direction. Although it will benefit Lashley more if he wins, I just think Lesnar is going to be victorious. This is just going to be meat-on-meat, body-on-body action. Two of the biggest men in WWE throwing each other around the ring. This definitely isn’t going to be the longest match of your life, so make sure to buckle up when watching it.

Staff Predictions

Mark: Brock Lesnar def. Bobby Lashley

Jiarmani: Bobby Lashley def. Brock Lesnar

Dillon: Bobby Lashley def. Brock Lesnar

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match

Damage CTRL vs Alexa Bliss (c) & Asuka (c)


The newly crowned champs, Alexa Bliss and Asuka, are having to defend their titles in less than a week after winning them. Bliss and Asuka beat Dakota Kai and IYO SKY of Damage CTRL on Monday Night Raw. Both Alexa Bliss and Asuka are ow three-time WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. But the celebration isn’t lasting long as they now need to defend them against the team they won them from. Damage CTRL are fuming after losing their titles, but have an opportunity to win them back at WWE Crown Jewel. With Bayley having a shot to win the Raw Women’s Championship, will Damage CTRL walk out of Crown Jewel with all of the gold?


I think Damage CTRL is walking out as the champs. I think the idea was always to have them hold all of the gold, and now they’re deciding to pull the trigger. If you ask me, they shouldn’t have lost the titles on Raw. It just doesn’t make any sense to have them lose and then give them a rematch the same week. A loss for Damage CTRL would be devastating for them, so they have to win.

Staff Predictions

Mark: Damage CTRL def. Alexa Bliss & Asuka

Jiarmani: Alexa Bliss & Asuka def. Damage CTRL

Dillon: Damage CTRL def. Alexa Bliss & Asuka

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship Match

The Brawling Brutes vs The Usos (c)


The Usos have been on top of the tag team division in WWE. They are eight-time tag team champions and have held the Smackdown tag titles for almost 500 days. They’re one of the best tag teams in WWE history and they have been having the run of their life over this past year. But at WWE Crown Jewel, they face a new team. Ridge Holland and Butch are a fairly new team in WWE. Although they have competed together for a while, they have yet to win any gold. They get a rare opportunity to be the ones to take down the Usos.


I think there is zero chance the Usos lose this match. That being said, I am pretty excited about it. The Brawling Brutes are really hitting their stride and now they get to compete for some gold in WWE. However, I don’t think this will be as smooth as a win as they would like. I think Sami Zayn is going to try to help them, but ultimately almost cost them the match. And I think this will have an effect on a different match.

Staff Predictions

Mark: The Usos def. The Brawling Brutes

Jiarmani: The Usos def. The Brawling Brutes

Dillon: The Usos def. The Brawling Brutes

Raw Women’s Championship Last Woman Standing Match

Bayley vs Bianca Belair (c)


Since Bayley returned at SummerSlam, she has had her eyes set on Bianca Belair and the Raw Women’s Championship. While Bianca Belair beat Bayley at Extreme Rules, Bayley has since picked up a victory over Belair on Raw, which is why they’re facing off at WWE Crown Jewel. Bayley gets another shot at the Raw Women’s Championship, while Belair gets to prove why she’s the best. Now Belair and Bayley will meet in a Last Woman Standing Match to see who will walk out of Crown Jewel as the champion.


I think Bayley needs this win a lot. Also, I absolutely love Bianca Belair and I think she has had a hell of a run as champion, but it is going to look really bad in Bayley loses. I think Bayley, Dakota Kai, and IYO SKY are going to somehow tie Belair’s braid to something so she won’t be able to get to her feet. And I think we will finally get the shot of Damage CTRL holding all of the gold.

Staff Predictions

Mark: Bayley def. Bianca Belair

Jiarmani: Bayley def. Bianca Belair

Dillon: Bayley def. Bianca Belair

Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Match

Logan Paul vs Roman Reigns (c)


Since Logan Paul officially signed with WWE, he didn’t waste any time getting in the ring. He got revenge on the Miz and then set his sight on the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns. Following Reigns’ appearance on Paul’s podcast, Paul called out the champ and now here we are. After a few heated face-offs, the moment is finally here. Logan Paul has an opportunity to shock the world and dethrone Roman Reigns. Reigns is having one of the most dominant runs in WWE history. He is a couple of days away from being Universal Champion for 800 days. Also, he’s been WWE Champion for over 200 days. It’s clear this run can’t last forever but is Logan Paul the one to dethrone the champion at WWE Crown Jewel?


I think it’s fairly obvious that Reigns walks out as the champion. He needs to do so in a dominant fashion. I’ve been saying it on my podcast, but the fans have to leave the match knowing Paul never had a chance. However, I think it’s not going to be as smooth as the champ would like. I think he’s going to walk down to the ring alone and not have Paul Heyman or any member of the Bloodline by his side. But I’m predicting Sami Zayn is going to come out in the middle of the match to try to help Roman, but Jey Usos is going to confront Sami after he almost cost him his match. This little interaction is going to almost cost Roman the match. But ultimately he will overcome the flurry of offense from Logan Paul.

Staff Predictions

Mark: Roman Reigns def. Logan Paul

Jiarmani: Roman Reigns def. Logan Paul

Dillon: Roman Reigns def. Logan Paul




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