Dunked on or "Mossed"
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Would You Rather Be Dunked On in the NBA or “Mossed” in the NFL?

Ah, the age-old question of would you rather. Would you rather have a Lamborghini or Ferrari, be able to fly or have invisibility, go back in time, or see into the future. Today we are looking at would you rather be dunked on in an NBA game or “mossed” in an NFL game. Let me specify, if you chose to get dunked on, it is not some little put-back dunk where you’re not looking. I am talking about a DeAndre Jordan on Brandon Knight type dunk. And for those who chose getting “mossed” I am talking about some Calvin Johnson on the Bengals type shit when he skied over three cornerbacks for the touchdown.

There is no right answer to this question, you are getting embarrassed either way. Also, in this day of social media, the clip is going to be everywhere and will be on the internet forever. If you get dunked on, a grown just imposed his will on you, and if you get “mossed” the wide receiver is just made you look like a beta. Personally, I am getting “mossed” ten times out of ten.

My reasoning stems from a couple of factors. First, I can name way more people getting brutally dunked on than people getting “mossed”. Just a few that come to mind are D-Wade on Anderson Varejão, Shawn Kemp on Alton Lister, Paul George on Birdman and you cannot forget JR Smith dunking all over Gary Neal. But when I think of the best “mosses” in NFL history I don’t think of specific catches, but rather a ton of players who have “mossed” people. I think of Randy Moss, Megatron, and even Julio Jones but when I think of specific “mossings”, the only ones that come to mind are Calvin against the Bengals in 2015 and the DeAndre Hopkins Hail Mary in 2020.

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Another reason to choose getting “mossed” is that no one remembers the name of the defensive back. However, every NBA fan knows the Celtics player LeBron detonated on back in 2013, sorry Jason Terry. When I think of the DeAndre Hopkins catch last season, I know it was against the Bills, but I have no idea the three players he made look silly. When I think of Megatron against the Bengals, all I can remember is there were guys draped all over him, he skied up for the TD and sent them back to the sideline with their heads down.

Finally, being dunked on just seems way more personal and disrespectful than getting “mossed.” When you get brutally dunked on like a Verejão, like a Lister, or like Birdman, you make the executive decision to go challenge the dunk attempt. When it comes to getting “mossed” you have no other choice as a defensive back but to go up and challenge the receiver. Your primary job as a cornerback is to break up the pass and if you just let the receiver come down with an easy catch without challenging, you’re probably not going to see the field much. Getting “mossed” seems like part of the job when you are a smaller DB going up against Megatron or Randy Moss. But when you challenge a LeBron dunk and end up on a poster, everyone wonders why the hell did he even jump?

I think this is a fairly easy decision to get “mossed”. I think your teammates will clown you more for getting baptized than they will for letting up a touchdown. And I think the social media reaction would be a lot stronger seeing someone getting dunked on than “mossed.” Thank god I will never be put in either position, although I would be honored to get “mossed” by the legend Randy Moss.

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