Ron Rivera
Can Ron Rivera turn things with the Washington Redskins? He has the best chance to turn around a sinking ship. Rivera brings leadership to Washington. (Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports)

The Washington Redskins have a new head coach and his name is Ron Rivera. The Skins will officially go from goofy Jay Gruden to tough Ron Rivera. This hire potentially has a chance to mean much more than finding a new head coach. This is about a culture change and Ron Rivera is the right man for the job. The Washington Redskins got this one right.

Adam Schefter of ESPN was the first to report the news:

The biggest change is arguably getting rid of Bruce Allen. Over and over again, Allen proved that he just didn’t know what he was doing. Trent Williams hates the team and refuses to report. The Skins drafted Haskins after Gruden didn’t want him. Bad draft picks after bad draft picks. Allen had to go.

Ron Rivera represents toughness, character, and leadership. Did you notice what happened to the Carolina Panthers when they fired him? The entire team quit and fell apart. He wasn’t the problem there. Carolina finished the season on an 8 game losing streak.

I think this says it all. Players around the league love and respect Ron Rivera. As of now we don’t know the rest of his staff but it could be wise to keep Bill Callahan. He’s a great offensive line coach. Kevin O’Connell seems to be building something with Dwayne Haskins. Rivera will make players accountable and turn the Skins defense into something legit. With Dwayne Haskins continuing to progress, I can’t remember a time Washington had a brighter future in my lifetime. The Rivera and Cam Newton pairing turned out alright with a couple of really nice runs. Unless Daniel Snyder gets in the way, Rivera can do the same for the Washington Redskins.