Tom Brady
Why would anybody want this version of Tom Brady? There is no reason to talk about Brady’s free agency because he can’t play anymore. (Rick Osentoski/Associated Press)

Why Would Anybody Want This Version Of Tom Brady?

The most annoying narrative in the NFL over the next few weeks will be “where is Tom Brady going to sign”? The rest of the media will go nuts about a topic that doesn’t really need to be talked about. Who the hell would want this version of Tom Brady? The Patriots sure as shit shouldn’t and neither should the rest of the league. Well, except for the Chicago Bears. Why would anybody want this version of Tom Brady?

Tom Brady is cooked. It’s over. Brady WAS a great quarterback. This current version of him? Burnt toast. Realistically, Brady should hang it up. Given the state of his performance from a year ago, he was a bottom tier quarterback. There is no other way to say it. Among all QBs: Brady ranked 27th in completion percentage, 27th in yards per attempt, 13th in Touchdown passes, and 19th in quarterback rating. That’s with the Patriots and the greatest coach to ever live.

Here’s what will help Brady. Getting another year older. What are we doing here? The 2019-2020 version of Brady was a check down machine and it felt like pulling teeth just to pick up first downs. For much of the season, a historic defense was carrying him. No, he didn’t have great weapons. This is the Patriots. They carry Wal Mart employees on the roster every year. It’s no different.

In what world is this version Tom Brady better than Teddy Bridgewater? Not on earth that’s for damn sure. Bridgewater, 27, is in his prime and outperformed Brady when given a chance. Teddy two gloves went 5-0 this year completing 67.9 percent with a 9-2 TD to INT ratio, and a 99.1 rating. Sign me up for that. I’ll sign Bridgewater over Brady this offseason every day of the week.

Tom Brady wants big quarterback money this offseason. What year does he think it is? Not 2007. It’s 2020 and nothing he did this year suggests he has anything left. Does anybody watch the games or do they just look at the name on the back of the jersey? Number 12 on New England can’t play anymore.

What’s he going to do? Brady has zero leverage. He could beg the Patriots to take him back. Maybe that’s an option. I’m sure they would take him because god knows Jarrett Stidham can’t play. Bill Belichick won 11 games with Matt Cassel so maybe he can do that with Stidham. Outside of that, Brady has no leverage. What’s he going to do, go to the Chargers? Yeah, good luck with clueless Anthony Lynn. The Las Vegas Raiders? I’m sure that defense that gave up 26.2 points per game in 2019 can carry him.

I get that the media has to generate viewers and clicks. That’s fine. Why can’t we just be honest about this whole thing? Tom Brady can’t play anymore. There’s no reason to talk about him. Who cares where he goes? Tom Brady was a great quarterback and should be celebrated… when he retires. Who would want this version of Tom Brady? This correct answer is nobody that actually has a brain.