David Ortiz
David Ortiz Is NOT a fan of the TB12 method (Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports)

David Ortiz has been retired now for two years but has stayed pretty busy. Ortiz has his own show “looking for a job” through fusion TV. Now that Ortiz has retired from baseball, his wife has hinted to Big Papi that maybe he should try the Tom Brady Diet. Ortiz laughed at what was apparently a ridiculous request and topped it off with the line of the year; I’d rather enjoy life instead.

In a recent interview with Pardon My Take powered by Barstool sports, Ortiz gave a hilarious response to possibly trying out the Tom Brady Diet:

One of Big Papi’s best friends, Hanley Ramirez, credits the Tom Brady diet for coming into spring training in excellent shape. Ramirez does look great and has really slimmed down. Remember, Ramirez, bulked up from his former shortstop weight. With JD Martinez now in the fold, Ramirez will have to be on his feet a whole lot more now that Martinez will be the primary. Boston should have a hell of a team but there’s no question that the Red Sox will always miss Ortiz.

In another funny portion of the interview, Ortiz also said that he had no idea what Dustin Pedroia’s name was for multiple years during his playing career. Big Papi called him little man or Pedy but couldn’t figure out that his name was actually Dustin. It’s a hilarious interview and gets an inside scoop on the man Ortiz is behind the scenes.

The Red Sox should be a World Series contender this year but it remains to be seen whether JD Martinez can fill the void of Ortiz? Big Papi smacked 38 homers during his final campaign in Boston. Anything short from Martinez and the fans in Boston will likely not be thrilled with the big money signing.