Tom Brady
Why is no one talking about the elephant in the room? Why in the world would the Patriots want to bring back Tom Brady in 2020? They can upgrade at the position and should. (Paul Sancya/Associated Press)

The Patriots Shouldn’t Bring Back Tom Brady In 2020

Nobody really knows for sure what the future holds for Tom Brady. We kind of assume he’s just going to return to the Patriots in 2020. There’s also an outside he’s playing for another team. New England can’t franchise him next year so it’s going to be a bidding spree for his services. Why is nobody talking about the elephant in the room? The Patriots shouldn’t want Tom Brady in 2020 anyway… It’s just the damn truth.

I’ve NEVER been the Patriots are dead guy. I’ll never count them out. They might even win the Super Bowl this year. The problem is Tom Brady was never the weak link. Or at least he wasn’t most of the time. Tom Brady is officially cooked. It’s old man Peyton Manning with Denver all over again where the defense will have to carry his dead corpse to the finish line. Regardless of whatever happens with the Patriots the rest of the way, there’s no reason for New England to bring Brady back in 2020.

I look at things from a GM perspective. I have a great admiration for Bill Belichick despite the fact that he doesn’t know how to scout. The Patriots don’t have any good players. They win anyway because of how great Belichick is. Tom Brady is the weak link of a team that doesn’t have any good players. Put the pieces together. New England has the number one rated defense while the offense struggles to pick up first downs. You figure it out.

Tom Brady is cooked. It’s over for him. I should clarify that the Patriots could very well win while he’s cooked. That’s because they’re the Patriots. From a GM chair, the Pats can do much better. Brady is only looking worse as the season progresses. A QB that has been notoriously horrible in recent years in the latter portion of the regular season. Brady ranks 18th in QBR, 30th in completion percentage, and 14th in TD passes. That’s with the Patriots. New England can do better.

The Pats don’t have great weapons. Still, they have Mohammed Sanu and Julian Edelman. I’ve seen worse. Why would New England want to pay a premium for poor production at the position? This is an organization that went 11-5 with Matt Cassel. Almost any player they draft will be better than Matt Cassel. If we’re being honest, Teddy Bridgewater would represent an upgrade over Brady too. We can talk about the offseason scenarios fro Tom Brady all we want. As long as we acknowledge that New England really shouldn’t want him back.