Justin Herbert
Kyusung Gong/Associated Press

I’m laughing because I’ve already had one person pull up an old tweet of mine on Twitter @ChicksTapePod about how Justin Herbert is a bust. Before the draft, I said it, right after the draft, I said it, and I still believe it today. I don’t care about his performance against the Chiefs. It wasn’t all that impressive to prove that he isn’t a bust, especially after only one game. That doesn’t make any sense. Don’t buy the hype just yet; hell, if he is somewhat decent this entire year, I’m still not buying the hype. There’s still a lot to not like about his game.

First of all, the Chargers lost. Did LA play better than they did against the Bengals? Yes. But if you’re bar is playing better than Tyrod Taylor…congrats? That’s not a high bar at all. That would also dismiss the fact that the rest of the team played pretty well as well. The Chargers’ defense held the reigning Super Bowl champions to 23 points with an OT period. I haven’t seen a lot of people give them credit for that. Also, Austin Ekeler, Keenan Allen, Hunter Henry? Are those not good weapons? His supporting cast is excellent, so that he CAN play well.

Let’s also talk about that it was a surprise to even Justin Herbert himself about starting the game. Tyrod Taylor was ruled out at the last second due to a freak thing, that gave the Chiefs no time to adjust to Herbert. Tyrod Taylor is a more mobile QB to where the Chiefs defense probably planned for that more. Justin Herbert played well in the first half because of this. He was lackluster in the second half after the Chiefs adjustments. Herbert even threw a pick in the third quarter. He had trouble finding the endzone in the second half. The Chargers only had four possessions in this half. One was a pick, one was a punt in OT, and two others were field goals. Sure, I could be too hard and criticizing too much based on his first game. But I am just matching y’all’s energy.

He also was lackluster against the Panthers, which led to another loss. Sure, I can see being excited about your QB play. Especially after Tyrod Taylor mediocre first game against the Bengals, but get real. Justin Herbert isn’t that good. Don’t buy the hype yet. His supporting cast is good for the Chargers to win games and they…haven’t. Please don’t believe the hype; he is a bust waiting to happen.