Start Em Sit Em

First of all, I’m sorry for not having a Start Em Sit Em last week. The site was going through some heavy-duty maintenance. The website is on the come up and how things should be moving smoothly for now. We’re back at it this week for Week 4, though. This is who I have for your Start Em and Sit Em this week.

Start Em Sit Em: QBs


Aaron Rodgers: The Packers play the Falcons this week. Other than the Falcons like to blow leads. The Falcons put up many points, which will force Aaron Rodgers to pass and put up numbers on this weak Falcons team.

Matt Stafford: As you can tell, I am big on Matt Stafford. Start him again this week. He hasn’t been a lousy Fantasy QB, but he hasn’t reached his ceiling fantasy-wise, with the weapons around him and awful defense. They should be throwing the ball a lot against the Saints.

Joe Burrow: The rookie makes the Start Em this week! I could have easily put Gardner Minshew in here as well, so take note of that. This game has terrible rosters, but QBs that WILL throw the ball. Expect a high scoring, high fantasy production game from this game.


Nick Foles: Originally, I had Mitch Trubisky here before he got benched. It was only a matter of time, but with Nick Foles here, I am not sure much will change as far as a Bears QB fantasy production.

Carson Wentz: Not only has Carson Wentz just been bad this year. He has a tough matchup against the 49ers. Wentz hasn’t done well against good defenses. Expect the same thing here.

Justin Herbert: I’m not buying into the Justin Herbert hype. I said he was a bust after draft night. The Bucs have had a decent defense, expect Herbert to struggle and be exposed.

Start Em Sit Em: RBs


Devin Singletary/Zach Moss: I love my beloved Raiders, but God, does their defense suck. The Patriots ran all over them. It doesn’t matter who you start for RB at the Bills, start em.

Kenyan Drake: The Cardinals have a high power offense, Kenyan Drake has been a big part of that. Against the Panthers, whose defense has not been great. Drake is a smart start.

James Robinson: James Robinson has been the surprise of the year for the Jaguars (Andrew Zucker called it). If no one has picked him up yet, go pick him up and start him. Against a Bengals defense, he will dominate.


Ronald Jones: Ronald Jones is not a good fantasy RB. The Chargers defense, injuries, and all are still stout. The Bucs will have to throw to move the ball against the Chargers.

Antonio Gibson: Antonio Gibson has promise, but the Football team (lol) is still pretty bad. Against the Ravens who are looking to rebound after their loss to the Chiefs. It won’t look good for Gibson this week.

Miles Sanders: This is the second person from the Eagles that won’t have a good week. The Eagles are all over the place and are just not primed to win challenging games like this. 49ers defense should prevail and make the Eagles look even worse.

Start Em Sit Em: WRs


Allen Lazard: Allen Lazard has started to name himself as the #2 receiver for the Packers. With Davante Adams still recovering from injuries, Lazard is a good start this week against a leaky Falcons

Will Fuller: Will Fuller has proven to be the #1 in Houston. Houston looks awful, but they can get a win against the Vikings. The Vikings defense should open up a few TDs for Fuller

Justin Jefferson: It works like clockwork; I ask where is the production from a player and then immediately they perform. I did that with Justin Jefferson, and he came alive in Week 3. Look for him to build on that momentum and have a great week against the Texans.


Julian Edelman: Julian Edelman has fallen off; it was bound to happen. If he couldn’t get many looks against the bad Raiders defense, he won’t get that many anywhere else. It is time to shelve Edelman away as a #1 fantasy prospect.

Marquise Brown: I like Hollywood, but he won’t be much use this week. The Ravens are going to run the ball down Washington’s throat. Don’t depend on Hollywood this week.

Terry McLaurin: Conversely, that would mean that Terry McLaurin would be a smart start, right? Negative. Washington has only one reliable receiver, and that is Terry. The Ravens will shut him down and force Washington to use other options if they have them.

Start Em Sit Em: TEs


TJ Hockenson: You might not like TJ Hockenson, but he is a smart start this week. Against the Raiders, they let Darren Waller get 10+ receptions. In PPR, that is an automatic 10 points, not including yards or TDs. Lions will find TJ open a lot and will be passing a lot against the Saints.

Dalton Schultz: With Blake Jarwin out, Schultz has proved that he can pick up the Cowboys’ slack at TE. It is a crowded WR core, but he should be part of that. The Cowboys play the Browns, and they haven’t done well against TEs this year.

Noah Fant: This one was different. I’m not sure how much the Broncos will pass or need to pass against the Jets. But with injuries to the Broncos, Fant might be the most trusted option right now. I expect the Broncos to try to run the ball as much as possible, but Fant should be heavily involved in the passing game.


Zach Ertz: Ertz is the third player to do poorly for me this week against the 49ers. Nothing against the Eagles, but until they show me something, what am I supposed to do? Sit all Eagle players you have right now.

Mike Gesicki: Gesicki has been valuable as a fantasy asset this year. With the Dolphins playing the Seahawks, I expect the Dolphins to throw more. However, the Seahawks have done well to limit TEs this year. Look for Gesicki to be limited by their defense.

Jack Doyle: The Colts offense has been…eh. Not great, but just not terrible. It gets lackluster at times. Their defense has been keeping them in a lot of games. The Bears have done well against TEs this year and have a decent defense. The Colts will need their defense to win this game, don’t depend on Doyle to do shit.