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Jared Goff

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Why Is Jared Goff Never On The Hot Seat?

Jared Goff
Why is Jared Goff never on the hot seat? Despite Goff’s subpar performances, it never feels like his job is on the line. WHY? (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

There’s a big difference between being supported and not supported. The 49ers 24-16 win over the Rams encapsulated that. It feels like the 49ers feel like they’re waiting to get rid of Jimmy Garoppolo. Meanwhile, the Rams do everything in their power to make Jared Goff work. Both Sean McVay and Kyle Shanahan are both extremely bright. So what’s the difference?

Why is Jared Goff never on the hot seat? What’s Goff accomplished that Jimmy G hasn’t? Both went to a Super Bowl and came up short. The only difference is Blake Bortles wins the Super Bowl Goff played in. Goff was embarrassing in his Super Bowl outing.

Garoppolo is beating Goff in every statistical category for his career. You name it, and Jimmy G has a better career mark. Those include Completion percentage, touchdown percentage, yards per attempt, quarterback rating. Garoppolo has flat out been better throughout his career.

You tell me why Jared Goff is never on the hot seat? Where are the Rams going from here? Their Super Bowl window is over. Especially with Goff earning $33.5 million per season. Sean McVay has tried to milk any ounce of talent Goff has (because there isn’t much there, to begin with).

The Rams lead the NFL in play-action percentage and are 29th in pass percentage. Think about that! Sean McVay is protecting Goff and doing everything he can to make it work. Meanwhile, Shanahan is flirting with Kirk Cousins, Tom Brady, and probably Matt Ryan soon.

I just quite haven’t figured this one out. When does Goff start facing the heat of being replaced? The Rams can do a hell of a lot better. For some reason, they have dumped all of their eggs into this basket and don’t look like they’re ever considering reversing course.


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