(Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images)

The King Of L.A.

While LeBron James is the King of the NBA, he does not rule the Los Angeles Lakers. That will forever be Kobe’s position. Although LeBron is one of the greatest, it seems as if he took a little step back during this playoff season and conference finals. It seemed as if Anthony Davis was a significant threat. 

Anthony Davis Carries the Lakers

Davis is averaging over 24 points per game (ppg) in the playoffs, while LeBron averages roughly 27 ppg. Stats wise, it appears as though Davis is the better player right now. Usually, when I watch LeBron play, he gets into what I like to call (LeBron Mode), which means I see him go off, as he’s all over the court, making shots, collecting numerous rebounds, and garnering plenty of assists. And usually, we see LeBron Mode during the playoffs. But during this year’s playoffs, it looks as though LeBron has taken a step back.

From what I’ve seen, Anthony Davis is why the Lakers have made it to the NBA finals, and I firmly believe that if Anthony were not on the Lakers, they wouldn’t have made it to the finals. Granted, LeBron is still one of the best players in the league, but without Anthony Davis, I think the Denver Nuggets would have beat the Lakers, solely based on how hungry they were to get to the Finals.  

Where is Lebron’s Head with Everything?

I don’t know what has affected LeBron’s game, but it has changed. LeBron has had a lot on his mind this entire season. He lost a good friend back in January, the late great Kobe Bryant. LeBron is also a player who has been vocal and protesting for racial injustice. And not to mention his upset with the first-place voting on M.V.P. 

What’s Going to Happen in The Finals?

What is going to happen with LeBron during the Finals? Will he be able to put all his emotions aside and lead his team to victory? Or, is Anthony Davis going to carry this team on his back to the trophy? The Lakers can win this. But they need both LeBron and Davis.