Adam Gase
Mark Brown/Getty Images

Adam Gase is the worst head coach in the NFL. It came out after last week’s disgusting loss to the 49ers that the Jets don’t practice well. Shocking?

We Talking About Practice

In the NBA, maybe practice doesn’t mean much. But in the NFL, everyone knows how necessary preparation is. That’s the one week a team has to prepare for an opponent. The NFL playstyle changes from team to team, film, and practices are essential tools teams have to prepare for Sundays. Gase, the “brilliant football mind,” thinks practice doesn’t mean much. “It all goes back to practice. We’ve had some slow practices, and it correlates to the game,” Bradley McDougald told SNY TV. When you have your starting safety that just came from a well-run organization (Seattle) telling the media the practices aren’t good. Well, that’s not good at all.

Adam Gase is Ruining Sam Darnold

Gase has been an absolute disaster in New York, and Jets fans need this pain to end. I feel for Jets fans and the players on the team. Sam Darnold, the so-called savior of the Jets, has not looked good in the early portion of the season. It isn’t all his fault: Darnold has no wideouts, Chris Herndon is a disappointment, and Le’Veon Bell is hurt. This organization has set up this QB for failure. Not even Tom Brady could win with this coach and this offense. New York hired Gase because he was a QB whisperer. Yet, Darnold has arguably gotten worse since Gase arrived.

It Just Keeps Getting Worse

The Jets need to end this terrible tenure that has descended upon them. Watching the Jets on Sunday is like watching the freshman team scrimmage the Varsity; it’s repulsive. Being winless isn’t good, but you can feel better about it when you are in close games, and your team is battling. New York is not fighting back.

Not only did the Jets get stomped on by the Colts this Sunday, the Indianapolis defense scored more points than the entire Jets team, as Darnold threw not one but two pick-sixes. It’s hard to expect Darnold to perform well when his head coach is as incompetent as they come. Not too mention the brutal roster that has been around this poor kid. It’s time for Gase to go. May he never be hired as a head coach ever again.