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Jadon Sancho

(Chris Brunskill/Fantasista/Getty Images)

What Makes Jadon Sancho So Spectacular?

Jadon Sancho
What makes Borussia Dortmund wonderkid Jadon Sancho so spectacular? The scary part is, he’s probably just scratching the surface. (Chris Brunskill/Fantasista/Getty Images)

Is there a wonderkid more on fire out there right now than Jadon Sancho? The former youth player at Watford and Manchester City isn’t just a young gun playing a big role on a premier team in the Bundesliga. Jadon Sancho has turned into one of the best players in the world and I don’t think it’s even a stretch to say that. What makes Sancho just so damn spectacular?

Sancho, 20 (in March), ranks 3rd in the Bundesliga in goals (17) and 2nd in assists (16). It’s almost as if each game that goes by, the pace he’s improving is just mind numbing. Sancho is coming off a hat-trick and did so while protesting with a heavy heart. This man is just scratching the surface.

I don’t know how Dortmund has become such a breeding ground for young players. Once again, they have a ridiculous group with Achraf Hakimi and Erling Haaland. Still, it just seems like Sancho stands above even that group being further along in his development.

Two things really stand out with Sancho. I think the first just being his dribbling. The stories go that Sancho grew up closely with childhood friend Reiss Nelson. Together, they spent their days in the streets just practicing dribble moves that otherwise would never have been perfected in games. I don’t think something like that can go unnoticed. Say what you want but there’s no replicating that experience.

Combine the skills with premier athletic traits and then someone like Jadon Sancho becomes possible. It’s almost like watching Kyrie Irving dribble a basketball. Sancho does things that aren’t usual. Sancho isn’t just super crafty, he’s more than a willing passer and takes pride in setting up teammates. There’s an art to the way he dribbles and moves the ball around.

There’s fast and then there’s this guy. Jadon Sancho can FLY! The Dortmund wonderkid has been clocked in at 21.5 MPH. You don’t just catch up to Sancho. Once he gets by you, it’s over. Add in the fact that his overall pace is off the charts.

Most of all, Sancho is efficient. He’s scoring at a great rate. It takes him 1.8 shots to score a goal. The youngster has proven he can finish with the best of them. For the record, Robert Lewandowski scores once for every 5.8 shots. The kid puts the ball in the back of the net basically every time he tries to score. Not a shot at big shot Bob, just a reality to how special Sancho is. What more do you want?

Jadon Sancho is already a monster. If you’re starting a team from scratch with age included, how many players in the world do you take over the England born killer? One? Two? The scary part is he’s just getting started. We also know he won’t be at Dortmund forever. He’s going to cost a fortune and will be worth every penny. I can’t imagine what he looks like 4 years from now.


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