Next Call Her Daddy
via Ariel Stull – Vendetta Sports Media

We Found The Next Call Her Daddy! (I Think)

Did we? I don’t know, you be the judge! Check out the newest episode of Kriegs Korner and Toast Time for a podcast network announcement and see if we just happened to have stumbled upon the next Call Her Daddy.

Okay, now into the real shit sorry if you just got clickbaited.

I understood something had to change with my show. I felt Kriegs Korner had hit a point in its early life where it stalled. I ran out of easy interviews, and I had gone overboard with two episodes a week for the first few months of the show.

Toast Time lost Courtney Plumber, their star producer and it had also hit a point where they needed a fresh set of lungs. This was the solution, instead of having two shows spread thin, put together the shows and make it the best it could be.

Anthony and I live less than twenty minutes apart, and we have a lot in common without sports fandom. Both New York hot heads on the opposite teams, but equally as passionate. Our location makes in-person content a lot more realistic, and we can go out in public and actually do shit.

Looking around at the podcast network now with the Tanndemonium Show going live, That’s Some Cheese getting bigger, and the new kids on the block in the All Day Everyday Show with in-person recordings, one things is clear, the bar has been raised.

I can speak for myself and I hope Font feels the same way (I know he does), but this is something you are going to want to listen to. We will be doing interviews with people at the site like I had been doing with Kriegs Korner, and we will be doing different segments like Anthony and Jackson had been doing on Toast Time.

We heard you

I hope everyone enjoys the future, it’s all love between us and Jackson, I want this to be a new era of the podcast network at the company so Trey can stop bashing us.