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Hey Vendetta Podcasts… It’s time to step it up. Get with the program. No more shitty view numbers starting now.

Hey Vendetta Podcasts… It’s Time To Step It Up

It’s time to raise the bar for the Vendetta podcasts. I’m talking to all of you that host a podcast on the Vendetta network. Right now we have eight shows on the network. Some are more active than others. More are potentially joining. This is a call to action. Step it up or we’re going to have to find an alternative.

Sales guy Cayne is working his nuts off. He’s out here working the phones trying to make deals. Cayne also loves giving the interns a hard time but that’s okay. Long story short, Cayne can’t fully do his job because our podcasts don’t get enough viewers. It’s time to change that.

Some of the shows have done a good job trying to put their best foot forward. The All Day Every Day Show has that in person multi cam editing cheese going on. Plus they’re doing some golf stuff. Tanndemonium is now going live every single week. The presentation on that puppy is beautiful.

My show (That’s Some Cheese) is what it is. I’m not out here view hunting. I bring people on from the company. We talk about things going on in the company and also talk sports. That’s the show. The view number isn’t close to where I want it but it doesn’t really bother me. The show does its job. The bigger and more important the company becomes, the views will tally up with that show.

The rest of you guys… what are you doing? Go hunt views, man. I’m running the blog, the business, and doing 1,000 other things. The pure podcasters? It’s time, man. Raise the stakes. Talk shit to each other. Bring on big time guests. Make flashy social media clips to gain traction. Start a Tik Tok. Take your shirt off. I don’t care… just do something.

I have big plans for the podcast network. I want a better rival version of Call Her Daddy. Especially hosts that can talk about specific sports or one’s that can dominate non-sports areas. There’s zero reason Sirius XM shouldn’t be calling us in a few years. Anything less than that is a failure in my mind.

#LetCayneDoHisJob. The days of having shitty view numbers on podcasts are donezo. Raise the stakes. Compete with each other. The Vendetta Podcasts have been warned.

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