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One of the screenshots of EDP445 released by Predator Poachers

Was YouTuber EDP445 Arrested For Trying To Talk To Underage Girls?

One of the screenshots of EDP445 released by Predator Poachers

Internet Sleuths Are Insane

The story of former YouTuber EDP445 has taken some drastic turns over the past few days. There is now more interest in the story with rumors swirling that EDP has offically been arrested for trying to talk to an underaged girl. But has he actually been arrested? What is there to support this? Why are people so interested in this story again?

The renewed interest in the EDP445 saga stems from a video released by YouTuber SunnyV2. Sunny does a good job at digging into numerous Reddit threads and other YouTube videos to put together a timeline of what EDP has been up to since the infamos “cupcake incident” and yes that is what people are calling it.

If you do not know what the cupcake incident is, I wrote about it previously. I suggest you read it to get fully caught up, but I will sumarize real quick. Basically, EDP was catfished by a group of pedo catchers who acted like an underaged girl and lured him to a hotel. It is called the cupcake incident because EDP’s defense was that he was there for cupcakes and not sex.

After The Cupcake Incident

So what has happened to EDP after that incident? As the video states, he has pretty much lost the ability to make content on any platform. Every time he tries to add a social media revenue he gets banned, even on the ones I’ve never heard of. EDP has tried to get other jobs, but every where he goes an army of people follow him and out him as a predator to whoever his employer is.

But has EDP445 been arrested for what happened? Officially, I don’t believe so. The people that say he has don’t have concrete proof that he has been arrested. But the video provides an interesting point, one that I agree with. EDP is in jail, just not a physical one. He was evicted from his home and can’t keep a job. Every piece of evidence regarding EDP, besides my two articles and other similar articles, and his internet career have been erased. He has freedom in the sense that he is not in a physical prison, but he is far from free.

Will EDP445 ever get arrested for the cupcake incident? I doubt it. I don’t know how police take vigilantism in real life. It’s not like the dudes that catfished him were the Justice League. Regardless, EDP has paid dearly for his mistage and will continue to pay for it for the forseable future.

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