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Vikings Valhalla

Vikings Valhalla On Netflix Is AWESOME!

Vikings Valhalla
Vikings Valhalla is awesome. It’s probably the best show of 2022 and you need to sit down and watch it ASAP! Highly recommend! (BERNARD WALSH/NETFLIX)

Vikings Valhalla On Netflix Is AWESOME!

If you haven’t seen Vikings Valhalla yet on Netflix, please add it to your to-do list for things that you want to watch. Vikings Valhalla is supposed to serve as an entirely different show to Vikings and details the life of Leif Erikson and other important figures during that time period. It is supposed to follow a lot of real life storylines so there is a level of authenticity too.

The writing on this show is unreal. You really have to pay attention because the smallest details really make a huge difference in this show. It’s also really eye opening how big of a deal religion was back then. They really do a good job portraying that internal struggle all of these people had with differing belief systems.

I’m also a big history junkie. Not sure that all of the details are 100 percent accurate but they really do a good job integrating historical figures. The show is only in it’s first season but they have announced more are on the way.

The battle scenes are also insane. If the episode with the battle on the bridge wasn’t entertaining to you, I can’t take your opinion seriously. Just watching the Vikings fight, drink, pray, and party is just fantastic TV. It’s got it all. Even human sacrifices for good luck in battle.

If you’re looking for a love movie to watch, this one is probably a good one to watch!

I highly recommend this show and am so happy it’s coming back for more seasons. Probably the best show I’ve seen all year. Give it a watch. You won’t regret it.



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