Rachael Ostovich
Rachael Ostovich got her ass beat by Paige VanZant. Photo Credit Frank Franklin II Associated Press

Okay, so admittedly I dropped the ball on the WCW front. I haven’t done one in like, 69 weeks (nice). The problem was none of these hos inspired me. That was until I saw Rachael Ostovich get her ass beat two weekends ago.

I know what you’re thinking, if I saw her two weekends ago why didn’t I post her last week? Well, I was sick last week, so stop pole jockin me, bitch.

Rachael is the hottest fighter in the UFC. I know I said Paige VanZant was the hottest UFC fighter but, Paige isn’t a UFC fighter anymore.

Plus, if VanZant was still in the UFC Ostovich is still hotter (although she sucks and probably isn’t going to be in the UFC much longer, her record is 4-6).

Rachael has big boobs, a nice butt, and she’s extra as hell. In her loss to Gina Mazany, Rachael showed up, not only with her toenails done, but wearing fake lashes and with her mascara on point.

Like, bro, you know how extra you got to be to show up to a fight like, “I’m gonna beat this bitch’s ass but I got to look like a bad bitch while I’m doing it.”

That’s it, folks. Woman Crush Wednesday is back with a vengeance. Rachael Ostovich is now the latest and great woman in my life and yours. You’re welcome internet.

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