Julia Rose
Julia Rose. Photo Credit Julia Rose Instagram page (so kinda her)

What’s poppin’ internet? It’s your guy Chad Bauman, aka The Notorious F.O.O.T, bringing you your weekly dose of Woman Crush Wednesday. This week’s winner is Julia Rose.

You might remember Julia from the World Series last year. She made it onto everyone’s news feed for flashing her bodacious Bahama mamas (if anyone gets this reference without google, $25.00 cold hard cash) on live TV during game 5.

Julia’s escapade at the World Series caused her to receive a lifetime ban from the MLB. And, to be honest, that’s bull shit.

Julia brought a lot of new attention to baseball. And, as a sport, baseball needs all the attention it can get. I couldn’t tell you who was even in the world series last year, but I can tell you whose boobies were in the world series.

I’d bet my brand new Dodge Challenger that if you asked 10 randoms off the street, who won the World Series, half of ’em couldn’t tell you. Ask the same 10 who won the most recent Super Bowl or NBA Championship. I bet they say Kansas City and Toronto.

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tgiw ? tag someone who loves hump day as much as me

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The MLB struck out looking on a pitch the universe put right down the middle of the plate. If ever there was a time to turn into the skid, it was when Julia made them relevant for the first time since 1903.

They should have given her a medal and invited her to throw out the opening pitch of game six (did it go to game six? I don’t know and don’t care enough to google). The lifetime ban was bitch made.

So in conclusion, the MLB sucks and Julia Rose is got damn gorgeous. Hit me on twitter (@lilfooted) with your thoughts on Julia or if you agree major league baseball sucks. If you’re a scrub that thinks the MLB isn’t stupid, well then remember, IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK, JABRONI.


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