Erin Andrews
Erin Andrews. Photo Credit Associated Press

If you happen to be a long-time fan of Woman Crush Wednesday (hey mom), I’m sure you noticed that it’s been MIA the last few weeks. For that, I owe an explanation. No one earned it. No one presented themselves in a way that made me go, “Daaayyyummm!” But ERIN Andrews changed all of that Thursday night.

Erin gets this tremendous honor for two major reasons.

First, she has inspired hundreds of little girls across the country to pursue sports journalism. I know when I was a little girl, she encouraged me toward a career and sports journalism. And look at me now, riding my best friend’s coattails on his up and coming sports journalism site.

Second, Erin is stupid, dumb, good looking. Like, look at her. She has supermodel good looks.

I’m unashamed to admit that I had many a unique dream starring Erin Andrews as a young man. She was the greatest imaginary lover of my entire life. I’ll never forget the time we spent our imaginary honeymoon studying penguins in Antarctica.

So there you have it. After so many failed attempts the claim the WCW throne, we finally have a candidate worth my time. Finally, someone presented themselves in a way that made me stop and take notice.

If you want to share your opinion of Erin or yell at me for missing the last few weeks of WCW, hit me on twitter. But remember, as usual, IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK JABRONI.